Fall Must-Haves from the Girls at Kitson Themselves

Here at Kitson, we have put together a few things that are MUST-HAVES that LOLO Readers would like for Fall (at least we think so)! From Marc Jacobs gloves to J BRAND corduroys, we are so excited to start wearing these autumn earth tones. Take it from us that two tone shoes are something everyone girl needs this year, and what better place to get them than Kitson’s totally rad online shop? Great news: You can get all of these items online today. Be head of the trends people!

2 Responses to Fall Must-Haves from the Girls at Kitson Themselves

  1. I love Kitson!! Those are cute items but the have so much more fun novelty items. I like the store in Santa Monica.

  2. Annie Friedl says:

    I cant wait for my boots to come in,(the store didn’t have my size so they had to order it) plus half sleeves are in right now too.

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