Layering Up for Fall (Cute Socks for your Booties Inside!)

When fall comes around, it can be a bit confusing what to do with our wardrobes. Do we shun all our warm weather staples and completely dive into our fall pieces? What if it is still hot outside but it feels silly to wear a little summer dress? Enter layering pieces: go-to pieces that will help carry a look from one season to the next. Of course basic tees are on the list, but don’t forget about fab vests, sleek leggings, or ruched socks layered in your booties! Check out these pieces for inspiration and your seasonal wardrobe transition will be seamless.

[galleryview id= 69]

J. Crew tissue tee $32.50; Juicy Couture faux fur vest $148.80; Jame Perse legging $68.00; ASOS Fairisle socks $14.64; Guess leopard scarf $58.00


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