Merry Janes: Local Artists + Painted Shoes (TOMS included!)

Making something local global seems to be the name of the game in the coming times. We are tired of the “everyone has that” item. We want the undercover, hole-in-the-wall, unique thing with some local love. Is there a story behind it? Even better. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Merry Janes. Founder Jane Alvarado has a keen eye for awesome soles as well as a talented artist radar, and it was when she decided to put the two together that this genius collaboration was born. Hello gift idea!

Jane’s Motto

How many times have you heard someone say “ I love your shoes?” While not directly in your sight range, your shoes are rarely missed. I have always loved shoes, and I want them to make a statement about me and how I am feeling on a particular day. My motto: keep the clothes classic, and let the shoes do the talking!

The Story and the Company

I was on a girl’s trip last winter with lifelong friends, and the idea to hand paint shoes and boots came to me; it was a perfect “fit”. Merry Janes is a unique company engaging the services of three very distinct artists.

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The Process

Designer shoes are carefully selected. Each pair is then studied to see what colors and design will compliment the style of the shoe. Each pair becomes a wearable piece of art.

Our hand painted cowboy boots are quickly becoming our most popular item. We also hand paint TOM’s shoes with school and corporate logos.

You can request photos of shoes and boots in our inventory in your size, or special order in colors that you love! You can even send Merry Janes an old favorite and let us paint it for you to match that great new scarf or belt.

The Artists

Joan Huey is our logoed TOM’s expert. Joan has a technique that incorporates several different elements one of which is a special blend of paints to produce a product that shows your school spirit!


Katy Bandish is a canvas artist that pulls inspiration from the things that she loves and enjoys in life when painting magnificent cowboy boots.


Chris Pinales finds that painting shoes brings a new expression to his creativity. The texture of the leather and the lines of the shoe bring a new dimension to his art.




Get to creating by emailing, and check out her website here!

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  1. Kellie McClellan says:

    How much to paint a pair of tan cowboy boots with a little aqua teal design? I have an old pair of Dingo boots my daughter would love if they were painted and I can’t afford one of the new pairs on the internet.

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