The Story Behind the Editors

It all started many years ago when we sat down next to each other in our Kindergarten classroom. There were four of us that were inseparable (Lauren, her twin Brittany, Erika and Shannon). Okay wait a second, this could take forever. Let’s fast forward a bit!

The jist of it is, we have known each other since we were five years old. Yep, basically forever. After growing up together (aka Team Curly Fries and Hay Stack), going to different high schools and attending different colleges, we started catching up on a more regular basis shortly after graduating. We were both writing for online publications and found ourselves at the brink of our careers, at a major turning point in this transition into adulthood (for lack of a better term).

Lauren had the opportunity and the tools to start her own online magazine, and when looking for a fellow passionate journalist, she knew Shannon would love to help her out. After spending time together at New York Fashion Week in February of 2011 (memories that will keep us laughing until the day we die…high school musical), it was clear that Lauren’s vision for the magazine was something Shannon could see too.

Let’s fast forward again. With Lauren’s vision and Shannon understanding it in all of it’s entirety, team work was an understatement. When Lauren has a thought, Shannon can finish it and vice versa. Similar to having ESP. Yep, we have that. We basically read each others’ minds. Team Adrian Peterson to the rescue!!

Next thing you know, we were working hard getting stories ready for the launch in August of 2011. After Josh turned hand-written web sketches into a reality, the website was up and ready to go, and we were working our butts off making sure it was perfect for the debut. Since the launch in August, Lauren has been running her magazine and Shannon has been helping her out with content and editing! Speaking on a regular basis is a joke at this point. Our conversations may start in an email and finish in a Tweet.

We are so happy with the final product and will continue to work at making it more wonderful with the help of our talented contributing writers! So dive in, if you haven’t yet, and indulge yourself in everything that is LOLO Magazine.


Your Lovely LOLO Editors

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  1. Heartwarming, charming back-story! Love your site. Oh, Shannon, you said the magic words….’passion for writing quickly’ I wish. Brava beautiful ladies. Keep up the fantastic teamwork!

  2. David Johnson says:

    I like stories of success!

  3. Brittany says:

    Love this!!!

  4. Alex says:


  5. More power to you, girls. I believe in your vision and your talent. I´m a regular visitor of your magazine and is always checking for new updates. I enjoyed reading this story. 🙂

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