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Hi LOLO readers! Kate Albrecht aka Mr. Kate here, doing a guest post for you all. I am very excited to share some DIY tips with you on house plants! Yes, plants in your house, and these are not your grandma’s house plants, although I’m sure those are nice too!

House plants are a great way to soften any interior space and bring oxygen and greenery inside. They are great ‘feng shui’ as well and are known to bring a calming feeling to any room. All you really need is one, and there is a whole range of options from low maintenance ficus and succulents to the fancy, higher maintenance orchids. Bring on the green!

This is a photo of my friend, and Mr. Kate blog contributor, Smiley’s succulent plant that is happily perched on an aged display cabinet. Succulents are very low-maintenance as they are water-retaining and only need a couple spritzes from a water bottle once or twice per week. Just make sure they have ample sunlight as they are desert plants. Easy as pie…or wait, pie isn’t that easy! Easier than pie!

This is a photo of my mother’s herb garden which I helped her make into a playful, decorative statement by putting them in colorful pots and displaying her collection of African animals playing in the pots.

Herbs have an added bonus as a house plant, because can eat them! There’s nothing better than some fresh parsley as a garnish on a bowl of pasta. Yum! Herbs are a step up on the maintenance scale from succulents, as they need a bit more water, a little sprinkle in the morning does the trick. Herbs need ample sunlight so find a window sill to make your green friends happy. Parsley, Basil and Lavender are great to start. Oh, use some lavender sprigs to flavor some salt, so decadent!

Orchids, the trophy wives of the indoor house plants. These gorgeous, exotic wonders are more delicate, aka higher maintenance, but their beauty is a pleasure to be around.

Orchids should be watered in the morning, and given time to dry during the day. Make sure not to water your plant too much, as too much water will kill the plant, generally once a week will do the trick. Peak blooming time is during the end of winter/ beginning of spring (around March normally). The blooms last about four to twelve weeks. Orchids like some sunlight, a window facing east is the best place so it gets partial sun throughout the day. Once the orchid loses its bloom it is not dead! At this time you want to cut off any dead flower stems to 1/2 of an inch above where it comes out from the main stem. Most people keep their orchids in the shower (not directly under the water) while they are not in bloom – it helps them retain water without you having to water them while the plant is merely a stick with no bloom.

I hope these tips inspire you to bring some plants into your home! Thanks for reading and to find out more about me and Mr. Kate, please visit

xx – kate

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