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I adore pretty prints, artsy designs, and all things stationary- notepads, agenda books, calendar, thank you notes, and so on. Technology is amazing of course, but there is something about a handwritten note and a real agenda book that is irreplaceable and timeless. I discovered Rifle Paper Co. about two years ago, and I immediately fell in love with their aesthetic. They did a fashion collaboration a few seasons back with Paper Crown and the dresses were sold at Anthropologie. The dresses were nothing short of beautiful and the prints designed by Rifle Paper had their signature artistic- whimsical, feminine, and fun. I remember thinking how cool it was for Rifle Paper, Paper Crown, and Anthropologie to team in such a creative way in order to make the dresses come to life and become available to customers.  Rifle Paper’s products are truly individual works of art. The herb garden wall calendar that they sent me is so amazing- each page looks as though it was hand painted with such care and attention to detail. Lo and I were so excited to connect with Rifle Paper Co. and are extremely grateful for the goodies that they sent us. Above are my three favorites and below are links to more pretty things.

agenda book (c/o) | wall calendar (c/o) | market list (c/o) | recipe box

coasters | journal | gift wrap | phone case | wall paper | thank you note

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