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Editor-in-Chief of LOLO Magazine. I was born in Redondo Beach and raised in Dallas, so I guess you can call me a California girl who’s roots are deep in the heart of Texas. My love for fashion has been tightly sewn through interning in wardrobe for Gossip Girl, the Michael Kors showroom, and reporting for New York, Paris, and Montreal Fashion Weeks. But style is what has really stolen my heart, which incorporates all of life. Cooking new recipes, learning new languages, meeting new people, indulging my curiosities, and stretching my imagination are my general crushes, and writing is my outlet for sharing my inspirations.

The New Revlon ColorStay™ Eye Collection and Kiss™ Balm

1Check out these amazing new ColorStay ™ Eye Collection products, and the Revlon Kiss™ Balm while you are at it! The Revlon Kiss™ Balm keep your lips super hydrated and kissable as we move from fall into the cool temps. What I love most about the Kiss™ Balm: it is filled with SPF 20 and the hydrating formula is infused with natural fruit oils.

I have never been a big cake-on-makeup kind of girl. I love the beach vibe, all natural kind of glow, so my daily makeup routine reflects just that – a little on the eyes, a touch of sunscreen-filled foundation, and a bit on the lips. My top priority, though, I must admit, is a good brow + popping the eye in the most natural sense.


2016_10_28_lolomag5-262-editI can’t get enough of the Revlon ColorStay™ Eye Collection. The ColorStay™ Brow Pencil is longwearing and waterproof (yes, please!) + it has the most perfect blending spoolie brush. The unique angled tip allows for fast and easy brow definition, too.

1The ColorStay 2-in- 1 Angled Kajal™ Liner makes the smoky liner application oh so easy and oh so natural with the angled liner and the brush used for blending. Did I mention it’s waterproof? So. Much. Love.

2016_10_28_lolomag5-331-editTo make the set even better, the ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow is waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours. No joke. My favorite colors are the Praline (for a natural, bronzy look) and the Cherry Blossom for a blush tone. Not to mention, these are so easily blendable! It stays! The brilliance of it all: there is a brush built into the cap for fast, easy, and mess-free application.

This post is sponsored by Revlon through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about Revlon, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.







how to decorate for christmas.

I can hardly believe that big red bows and pretty green garland are already lining the streets of California, and houses are already bustling with Christmas tunes, pine candles, and glistening trees! Doesn’t it seem to be starting extra early this year?
I am kin of loving it.

So I have to be honest. This year is our first year to fully decorate for the holidays. Our first Christmas was a few days after we returned from our honeymoon, and our house had about three pieces of furniture in it and definitely no Christmas decor! It gets better. Last year, I made the mistake of ordering a tree online, and even after measuring, it was tiny. Oopsies! We made it work, but this year, we are going full force, and I must admit, I didn’t even know where to start. Something that should be fun and joyful made me entirely overwhelmed, so I decided to reach our to my favorite interior designers in Dallas.

how to decorate for Christmas | lolo magazine | image via

Here are some holiday decorating tips from the Blue Print Interiors team. Let us know some tips and tricks from you too in the comment section below!

-Always get a fresh tree & wreaths (if you are not allergic). You can pick them up at Whole Foods or a local nursery!

-Be sure to water your tree every day – especially in the first week!

-If you have the space in your entry, that’s a great place for a tree!

-Add a smaller tree in another room with sterling silver ornaments or “collectible” ornaments.

-If you are using ribbon accents, it’s fun to use hot pink and apple green, as opposed to the traditional red and forest green.

-You don’t have to go with a theme, you can just pick pretty ornaments that you love!

-It is fun to start new family traditions as a young couple. For example, make it a point of always selecting and putting up your tree the day after Thanksgiving and taking down the day after Christmas.

-Make sure any vent blowing hot air nearby your tree is closed off. #fireprevention101

-A dated picture frame ornament is a fun keepsake gift to place pictures of lovebirds or little ones in.

-Fresh cedar garland draped over mantles and stair banisters always add a special beauty to the season as well as fresh square boxwood wreaths on the doors.

-Tall vases with branches or peonies are always a must on the mantles.

-Keeping it simple is key when a house can so quickly become overtaken with Christmas decorations.

-Most importantly don’t forget the reason for the season!

See some of my favorite Christmas decor below. Happy holiday season!

photo from







gifts for the littles.

This month was so incredibly special. I flew home to Dallas because my twin sister, Brittany, and her sweet husband, Shaun, were about to have their first little one. Initially, it was so surreal to process that my sister was pregnant. It is such a beautiful reality, yet at the same time, I feel like there is no way we could be old enough! Who’s with me?

So I must admit, I have a slight obsession with buying baby Kate bows. I can’t stop, and it’s becoming a problem. This store is my weakness, and the size of these bows gives me all the feels, but these fringe booties are the cherry on top. Thank you, Minnetonka! Baby Kate is going to look beyond precious in these little shoes, and I couldn’t help but introduce her early to these perfectly cozy fall booties. That’s one of my jobs as an aunt, right?


Let’s talk baby gifts. Because I don’t have any toddlers running around, I am going to stick with what I have become most familiar with (babies!). To start off, I believe books are the sweetest presents for a little one. Reading is so important for their minds and creativity even when they are still itty bitty. A child can never have enough books in my opinion! That is one of the things I remember most as a child – my parents reading me stories! Christmas Eve was always my extra favorite, too, because we would all snuggle up in bed and read some holiday classics. It was the perfect way to count down Santa’s arrival. See some of my favorite books below; classics included.

I must admit that I have a major love for baby blankets. They are so adorable and snugly and never go to waste. An extra bonus: they are the cutest accessory on a stroller or in the nursery. See my cozy baby quilt picks below.

Clothes and bows are yes, yes, and amen. SO fun! Sorry I am sticking with the super girly gift suggestions, but I am so enamored with hunting for baby Kate, so I am not branching out too much! Are you guys ready for these outfit options? Contain yourself 🙂

The little extras are so fun. I am so drawn to the precious stuffed-animal rattles or the tooth fairy in a box! See my favorite present picks that would also be perfect stocking stuffers (I can’t believe I am saying that phrase already). Hooray for the holiday season!

our health packed smoothie recipe

Good morning, friends! I hope you all have had the sweetest start to the day. I must start out by saying I am a nerd when it comes to health (I could live and breathe it!). This post is long, but it was hard to leave any of it out because it is all so important + mind blowing how diet alone effects our body!

A lot of you have requested that I share my daily smoothie recipe that I make for Jase and I in the morning. I must warn you prior to that it is PACKED with potent ingredients, which can seem quite overwhelming seeing it on paper, but once you get the hang of throwing it all in, it’s as easy as can be! I am going to share the exact links to the products I use + scroll down below the recipe to see the benefits of each ingredient {my favorite part}.

Most of the ingredients I use in this smoothie are from Crucial Four, a hidden health gem of a place in Dallas. My old kick-boxing trainer introduced me, and it has become our family’s go to spot. Not all of their products are online, but they make it super easy to call and order. Side note: this is not sponsored.

our health packed smoothie recipe | lauren kennedy | lolo magazineWhy I love Crucial Four so much: “you can’t travel 12 hours by plane, two days by car and then climb a mountain in Ecuador to get the best heirloom cacao from eighty-foot trees in their natural environment. We can and do and that’s just one of the eighty wild heirloom ingredients we source globally and combine into our Meal Replacements & Shakes, Water Infusions, Oral Concentrates or Healthy Snacks. We have stable long-term relationships with reliable farmers, brokers and manufacturers across the globe to source the best wild heirloom varietal or certified organic products and deliver them in our products direct to your door.”

Also, I found an incredible naturopath here in California, and he has taken intensive and detailed blood tests to discover what I really need to shift in my body. I intentionally did a blood test before I started making these smoothies. My thyroid needed to shift a bit, my iron was low even with supplements, and there were a few more imbalances. I went back a month later to see if these ingredients were truly as beneficial to me as they say! He was confused as to why I came in after the results because my blood test was perfect. I was absolutely mind blown. These are life changers.

Another fun fact: the reason why we crave sugar and junk food is because we are mineral sufficient. These fill those voids, which in turn, curbs the cravings. For those of you that know Jason, you know his two vices are ice cream and pizza. After a week of eating these smoothies, he could only eat a few bites of Salt & Straw because it didn’t even sound good to him. Again, mind blown.

our health packed smoothie recipe | lauren kennedy | lolo magazine
Ingredients (makes a smoothie for two):

2 tsp fresh bee pollen

1 tsp wild pine pollen

2 packets of M Breakfast

1 tbsp Collagen

3 tsp Colostrum

A pour of fresh pressed aloe

1 heaping tbsp spirulina

1 heaping tbsp chlorella

1 heaping tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp cacao nibs (I love the crunch this adds!)

4 tinctures of Stevia (cancels the green taste)

1.5 frozen organic bananas

1 bag frozen blueberries or strawberries

Alkaline water


It is extremely high in protein and amino acids. It is great to have in the morning for a quick pick-me-up. It’s also a good addition to pre- or post-workout snacks to add or restore protein. It’s actually been used in ancient cultures—like China—for decades as a natural energy source. On top of adding protein and energy, I’ve read benefits like: prevents the cold and flu, helps with cravings, improves vitality and endurance, regulates intestines, reduces inflammation, and helps relieves stress.


It is a potent aphrodisiac that offers dual-directional hormonal support. If you are high in estrogen, it lowers it; if you are low in testosterone, it brings it higher, and visa versa AKA it evens out your hormones naturally. Regular consumption supports healthy metabolism, regulates weight, improves immune response, and enhances whole body function. It also is a: common cold preventative, brain nourisher, and cholesterol reducer.


Energy, stress relief, immunity, and performance are critical for everyday life. Build your mind and body into balance for sustained energy that helps you thrive with Crucial Four’s mBreakfast. We formulated mBreakfast to contain 100% organic and wild sourced herbs, algaes, mushrooms, and biotic extracts.


It improves skin and hair, repairs joints, helps leaky gut, boosts metabolism, strengthens teeth and nails, helps detox, reduces cellulite and stretch marks.


Builds lean muscle mass, repairs tissue, increases vitality, accelerates healing, supports digestion, improves the immune system


It is alkalizing, it reduces inflammation, it is a digestive aid, promotes regularity, detoxifies the body, aids weight loss, helps maintain hydration, helps control blood glucose levels in diabetics, helps lower blood cholesterol, improves oral health, gives a vitamin and mineral boost, provides essential amino acids


A powerful anti-inflammatory, activates many of the different immune cells, jam packed with vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids, including macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, and natural killer cells. It also activates the organs involved with immune function such as the spleen, liver, and bone.


Detoxifies heavy metals, supports your immune system, promotes weight loss, makes you look younger, fights cancer, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol


High in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, protein, fiber, and omega 3’s; helps skin and aging, aids in digestive health, keeps your heart healthy, helps treat diabetes, boosts your energy and metabolism, provides a lot of calcium for stronger bones, builds muscle and aids in weight loss, fights breast and cervical cancer, promotes dental health


Maintains muscle and nerve function, aids in weight loss, keeps you regular, prevents anemia, reduces risk of coronary disease and stroke, treats diarrhea, enhances mood, a cholesterol free saturated fat; an excellent source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins

The Perfect Gift for the Men in Your Life

Can we all admit that shopping for the men in our life can be a major struggle. Yes, I am writing this at the very beginning of the almost holiday season because this year, I am preparing that far in advance. Side note: December includes my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, AND Christmas. HELP! Gifting is a gift in itself, and I realized that shopping for this special time of the year should not be stressful and rushed but rather thought-through and meaningful. What do we need for that? Time. Awareness. Notes 🙂 I love listening to what the close ones in my life mention as wish list items or things they need when they don’t even realize they are doing it, and I note it! Or when I am shopping with Santa glasses months in advance, the most perfect presents jump out at me!


Enter the foolproof thing to wrap up for your boyfriend, your hubs, your dad, or any close man in your life that deserves a rad gift! The Duluth pack. This present is always a win win because it is so versatile. Are you a dad? Throw all the baby needs in your bag. Do you have trips planned? This is the perfect travel companion. Going on a hike? Take this with you!

I cannot wait to give this backpack to two special ones in my life – I am not going to specify who just in case they read this!

*thank you, duluth pack, for the gifts!


A Weekend in Canada

Two weekends ago, Jase and I adventured to Vancouver to visit our sweet friends, Matt and Angela, who’s home base is in Los Angeles but are living in Vancouver for the time being! We miss them too much! Side note: Matt is shooting a show called Timeless. It premiered two Mondays ago. Tune in with us! You will be hooked.

img_6975So first of all, Vancouver is such a cool city. It is clean and sleepy, which makes it all the more cozy and fun to explore. I am not going to talk too much about this lovely place because the majority of our time was spent in Whistler, but one thing I must say: if you are ever in Vancouver, you must go to The Cross Design. I was utterly inspired + besides the most to-die-for lamps and furniture, art, and bedding, I got completely lost in the stationary closet. #keytomyheart

img_6963Road tripping with your besties and your love is definitely one for the books, especially on the lake sides of Canada, accompanied by old school karaoke and the pure joy of time together! We were headed to Whistler, and we could not be more stoked. The most darling town gave it’s own warm welcome with it’s charming atmosphere, and we arrived at the Four Seasons shortly after on this restful rainy afternoon. The Four Seasons hotels have a special place in our heart because we got married at the one in Dallas, and I must admit, this one might be my favorite. It is lodgey and beautiful and is filled with the glorious smell of pine. The spa was an absolute dream – I felt more relaxed there than I have ever felt at a spa, constantly breathing in lavender in the dimmed light.  The four of us spent the morning getting massages and body scrubs (the sugar treatment was Ang and I’s favorite), and then we felt rested and ready to explore.

img_6790Now on to the adventures. Night one: we bundled up as it was quite brisk, walked through the adorable mountain village, and ended at the gondola. Angela and I may have stopped at Aritzia on the way to buy a warm scarf. Gondolas are so peaceful and serene. The twenty minute ride up the mountain was so quiet and stunning and maybe filled with 40’s Christmas tunes (shhh), and at the top, it was SNOWING. We ran around in excitement and shortly after cuddled up in the lodge for some hot tea, creamy hot chocolate and lots of laughs.


img_6862After our spa morning the next day, we ventured to Joffre Lake. We couldn’t help but make a few stops along the way to snap photos of the views. I also must mention: it constantly smells like campfires and the air here is so crisp and cool here. #yesplease + the water at this lake is surreal. It is the prettiest milky turquoise color, and the deep green trees and snow topped mountains all mixed together are purely stunning. We hiked through the forest along the lake and ended the day at the most peaceful place: Nairn Falls Provincial Park.


img_6907img_6893This weekend was the most restful quick trip. There is something about slowing down in the beauty of nature that brings much needed restoration to my heart. We cherished every moment, and it was so enjoyable talking to the locals and getting recommendations from you all on Instagram – thank you! We already have our next trip tentatively planned. The to do: a day at the Scandinavian spa, completing the full two hour hike next to Joffre lake, and spending more time relaxing and eating at the local restaurants.