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6 Awesome Must “Do” Hairstyles (that take less than 10 minutes!)

I love hairstyles that take no heat, energy, or time. I am the girl that is always late to work

DIY: All Natural Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Treat yourself with these amazingly delicious treats! They are so easy, and a sure way to brighten your day! Makes

Party Confetti + Home Decor: How to Make Tassel Garland

I have been looking for something to put up on my huge bathroom wall above my mirror (cute for laundry

The Cutest Caramel Apples and How To Make Them!

Fall is finally here, and I know we are all excited about it. Costumes, boots, tights, fall decor, and fall

DIY: The Ever-Trending Tribal Necklace

A major trend that is popular in clothing, women’s bags, and jewelry today is tribal designs.  Decorative neckware, bangles, and

DIY: Organic Citrus Scrub

Because I worked in the skin industry for 4 years, I attended many seminars and workshops to learn how your