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Now Trending: Tacky Holiday Sweaters

Somewhere in the inner recesses of your closet, you know you have one.  The dreadful ugly Christmas sweater.  Long been

Cuff It: Go Big or Go Home

We can’t get enough of cuff bracelets. These accessories are the perfect addition to “complete” any outfit. A little advice

6 Awesome Must “Do” Hairstyles (that take less than 10 minutes!)

I love hairstyles that take no heat, energy, or time. I am the girl that is always late to work

Winter Check List: Do You Have A Fur Vest?

If I could pick one item to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming winter season, I would say a

Editor’s Picks: 5 Fun Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season!

The holidays are around the corner, meaning gift shopping will become a priority on your “to do” list. And we

Merry Janes: Local Artists + Painted Shoes (TOMS included!)

Making something local global seems to be the name of the game in the coming times. We are tired of