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Birthday girl gift ideas | lolo magazine


You guys- today is Lo’s birthday!! To virtually celebrate, I am sharing a list of cute gift ideas for the gal pals in your life. See the pics above + the links below, then head on over to her Instagram to wish her a happy b-day!

one. how cute are these travel bags? they are the perfect way to keep clean and dirty clothes separated when traveling.

two. lo and I both swear by these silk pillowcases. they are pricy, but honestly life-changing! the silk does wonders on your skin and hair while sleeping. gift one of these to one of your girls and she will definitely be thankful forever!

three. this cosmetic pouch is durable, spacious, and so cute. it is a good option for your day-to-day make-up bag or just use when traveling, to keep personal items organized.

four. every girl needs a stylish sleep mask! we love this one for a sweet gift for your bestie.

five. this girly agenda book from kate spade makes a great gift for a birthday girl- it will keep her organized + make her happy each time she goes to write something in it- it is that pretty.

six. okay candle lovers, this is a must-have! lo absolutely loves this candle and it is one of her go-to items to give the ladies in her life.

seven. fun and totally funky, this glitter phone case makes the perfect gift for girls that love a little sparkle in their life.

eight. lo and I both have these earbuds (c/o sudio) and love them so much. they are high-quality, comfortable, and so chic with the rose gold details.


athletic wear | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedyget the details: the hoodie | the bra | the leggings | the tank | the kicks

There is nothing better than athletic wear that can go from lounging to the gym and then to street for errands, grabbing coffee, or going to lunch. These staples from Nordstrom are so cute, comfortable, cool, and completely versatile.


Lo's Summer List | lolo magazine

Hey guys! Last week Melis shared her six summer loves from her wardrobe and today it’s my turn to do the same – hooray! The above collage makes me laugh (as does Melis’ collage) because it is so obvious that we love our neutrals. I am constantly reaching for this black tote, that belt, and a great pair of denim. The laid-back, relaxed, easy feel of a neutral color palette is my favorite- especially for summer when the vibe is carefree and slower than another time of the year. Scroll down to get the details + links to shop. xx

wide leg jeansI always splurge on one seasonal trend, and this was my choice for summer. IN. LOVE.

white hatI am a hat girl, and I wear this one way too often!

western beltthis belt is the perfect finisher to any summer look! One of my best purchases!

phone case/clutchthis was the best buy. I have my credit card, license, and phone all in one! It makes it so easy to run around in the summertime.

circle sunniescircle sunnies complete an outfit with a laid-back beach girl vibe – these are a new purchase + a new accessory fave!

the totethis is my go-to travel tote for summer trips!

local + lejos

local + lejos // q & a

We first learned about this brand from the Create & Cultivate conference in Dallas where Lo was on one of the panels (go, girl!). Since then we have had the chance to chat with a member of the local + lejos team (Amanda!) to discuss ways that we could share the local + lejos story with you guys. It finally clicked that a Q & A with their founder, Sheeva, would be the perfect way to feature them on the mag. And let’s just take a minute to adore these gorgeous images that they provided us with. Their images are truly a visual peek into the story and world of local + lejos — they pay so much attention to the details and have a passion for the beauty of the process, from start to finish. Because of their design with intention mentality, they are able to sell gorgeous products created by amazing artisans from around the world in developing nations. I could go on and on about how incredible their mission is, but I will let the Q&A with Sheeva tell the rest. xx

local + lejos 4

-Tell us a little bit about local + lejos in 2-3 sentences!

Local + Lejos is a contemporary, socially focused home goods company that creates modern pieces in collaboration with artisan women in developing nations. Our mission is two-fold, to provide accessibly price goods to you, while providing sustainable employment to women in need to developing countries.

-What was the main inspiration behind local + lejos?

The main inspiration for Local + Lejos was to give customers products they loved, at prices they can afford, while still being able to make an impact. There are so many talented artisans abroad, that do not have a connection to consumers here, and we wanted to start a company that bridged that gap.

-We are so inspired by your mission to empower local artisans. Such a beautiful thing! Can you share one story that has stood out to you when meeting and working with artisans from around the world?

Absolutely! one of our first partnerships was with our group of women in Rwanda. Last summer, we spent a month there to work on product development and to understand more of the social impact needs on the ground. After the end of a great meeting, the leader of the cooperative came up to me and pointed at a small building across the street. She hugged me and said “You see that there? That is a bank. Because of our work together, we were finally able to set up a bank account for our group. Now we will start to save.” Its moments like that when you realize how impactful it really is for these women to have access to steady work, something they’ve struggled to find before.

local + lejos // q & a

-We have a feeling that you have some incredible travel stories! What is your biggest tip for people when traveling to a new and unfamiliar place?

Our biggest tip: Get out of your comfort zone! Be open to meeting new people and trying new things – the best experiences in our travels have come from unexpected situations, that we were open to accepting. Also, always pack water & snacks.

-Speaking of travel, what is your most favorite place that you have visited to date? We know it’s a tough question! Top 3 is OK, too.

This is a tough call, but throughout our travels we’ve really fallen in love with Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The only way to get from village to village on the lake is by boat, and it is truly a magical experience. In the morning, the lake is calm and quiet, and makes you feel so alive that you wonder why you ever need to leave. Meditation and yoga centers have popped up in a tiny town called San Marcos, making it even easier to find peace…and green juice 🙂

-The name local + lejos is so catchy and cool…we love it! More importantly however, the meaning behind it is so powerful. Can you share that with our readers and elaborate on the meaning a little bit more?

Since the whole vision of our brand is to connect people across the globe, we really wanted our name to reflect that. Lejos is the spanish word for far, and our mission is to connect local communities with ones far away. It took sometime to come up with it, but as soon as we did, we knew it was the perfect fit.

local + lejos // q & a

-Leaving a retail job to create local + lejos must have been a big step of courage and faith! Can you tell us about that transition?

Ah, yes. It has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride since leaving my job. I had been thinking about starting Local + Lejos for about a year, so it took some time and some careful financial planning to pull the trigger and make the leap. The first few months were amazing, because I had been thinking about this so long, I was so excited to finally be spending my time working on building this from the ground up. After a few months, a bit of reality built in. While I still felt I was on the right path, it took longer to get off the ground then I anticipated and I just had to trust I was headed in the right direction.

-We are especially in love with the bowls in your shop. What is the backstory of these products specifically?

The first time I saw these products being made in person, my jaw actually dropped. These bowls are handwoven in the hills of Rwanda, about an hour outside of the capital, Kigali. The women use all natural materials from their farms (grass and sisal), to weave these beauties. They start with a thick bushel of grass, and thread a needle using the sisal. Sisal comes from a plant, and is naturally a white color. Using tea, they dye the sisal to give it a brown tint. Depending on the size, the bowls take anywhere from 4 to 3 weeks to make.

local + lejos // q & a

-Do you have a current favorite piece? If so, what is it?!

Our favorites for summer right at HQ right now are definitely our Guatelamaen Serape Blankets – The Cerceta and The Verde are our top two! They are perfect for summer adventures at the beach or picnicking. Pass the wine, please!

-We are also in love with your Instagram feed– do you have any social advice to share as a creative small business?

Thank you! This is a tip that we  started with in the beginning, and still stick with even now! Its really easy to get caught up in needing to post every day, or several times a day. But to us, social is about quantity over quality. Its important for us to ensure all of our posts are on brand. Since it can be expensive to get great original content, we try to space out our posts and really only say something when we have something to say, versus consistently updating without a purpose. Another tip is to befriend a photographer and do a trade for services to help keep it affordable!



the summer list - part 1 | lolo magazine


Hey guys! Today I am sharing six things that are in my summer wardrobe that I absolutely adore. Get the details below + check back next week for Lo’s summer list. xx


the jeansIt’s been a 2-3 month long search for a light/medium wash jean that was distressed (but not too distressed) as well as cropped and frayed at the bottom. So particular, I know! To add to my picky-ness, I also like to stick to brands that I know work (I have had too many horrible denim experiences to take a big risk these days) so when I saw this pair of Joe’s from Nordstrom (ON SALE!) my heart skipped a beat and I bought them. Side note- I did find that these ran big. I am always a 26 in Joe’s, but I had to return these for a 25. They are stretchy little guys, but so comfy.

the top: Literally, the perfect striped shirt. The material is a little heavier than normal (almost a light sweater weight) and the neck is a little high, making for a chill way to look totally put together.It’s also a tiny bit cropped, but not too much. It is final sale right now at Madewell at $34.99 and I would totally suggest going for. The same shirt style also comes in black and colorblock — and confession, I ordered both! It is seriously that good.

the shorts: Madewell does it again- these shorts are the perfect balance of casual and cool. This is my first pair of high-rise shorts and I am in love. Added bonus, they can be cuffed up or down, depending on your mood and your outfit. Side Note- Again, I did size one size down than my normal size! 

the sunniesGet ready for the compliments. These Westward Leaning shades (℅) are truly amazing. The lens are completely flat and the appearance is super shiny, yet not reflective. So incredible! The quality is undeniable, as well. Protect your eyes, enjoy the sun, and look pretty darn cool…done, done, and done.

the espadrilleThese Marc Fisher beauties were in my Nordstrom shopping cart for so long, until one day  I finally caved and clicked purchase. Oops 🙂 However, I am so happy that I did. Right when I opened the box I could tell how nice they were and was even happier when I tried them on- perfect fit and so comfortable. I have really narrow feet that sometimes don’t jive well with the espadrille style, but I was so happy that these worked.

the hat: I am a definite hat girl, so this summer I knew I needed a black straw hat. I had seen other bloggers wear the straw Mesa hat from Madewell, so I decided to give it a go. It’s so comfortable and fits like a dream. Sometimes hats look huge on the head (one thing I do not like) but this one does not- hooray!


blue button up | lauren scruggs kennedy | lolo magazine

Happy Monday, you guys! I have been in Dallas this past week and even though I am missing Jason like crazy {just see this insta post}, it’s been so sweet spending time with my family and friends.  Before I left LA last week, I shot this look with the lovely Jana and want to share the details with y’all. Putting basics together to make them look not-so-basic is my favorite. In efforts to get that simple look that is still interesting, I always start with a good base and then add a few fun things to complete the look.

In this case, I started with these skinny jeans from Madewell {high rise + distressed} and then paired it with this boxy poplin shirt from Everlane. Side note— quality of clothing is so important to me and Everlane is a brand that I can count on for quality and one-of-a-kind minimal styling. Case in point, this blue button up– it’s just the right amount of ‘oversized’ to make for a comfortable fit and effortless look.

Now that I have a good base, it’s time for the fun. I am not a big jewelry person, so my idea of fun includes a great pair of shoes, a hat, sometimes a bandana {as seen here, here, and here} and an amazing pair of sunnies.

the outfit details — 

the shirt (c/o)| the jeans | the hat | the shades | the shoes

blue button up | lauren scruggs kennedy | lolo magazine

blue button up | lauren scruggs kennedy | lolo magazine