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DIY: The Ever-Trending Tribal Necklace

A major trend that is popular in clothing, women’s bags, and jewelry today is tribal designs.  Decorative neckware, bangles, and beaded pieces native to the African culture are prevailing in cultures all across the country.  Accessories with strong colors, vivid prints, and varied textures are the root of this eclectic style.

Take a look back at the runway collections of fashion designers last spring and summer to achieve this innovative style, and make it uniquely your own.  A chunky and dangling necklace is a quick and easy statement for both day or night!

By simply combining pieces from your local fabric or interior decorating store, this look can be replicated in a few simple steps.  Pair this piece with a simple tank top for a bohemian look, or wear it with a leather jacket and jeans for a night out this upcoming fall season.

What you’ll need:

Beaded trim with interesting pattern

2 in. wide ribbonFabric Scissors

Needle and matching thread

Step One

Cut the trim to the desired length.  To achieve a layering affect, measure three equal strands of the beaded trim and overlap ends of pieces.

Step Two

Cut ribbon in half.  Double-knot each ribbon to one end of the trim.  Snip off the excess ends near the knots.

Step Three

Hand-stitch through knots onto trim to reinforce strands of material.

Step Four

Tie off the ends around the neck and voila!


This necklace and many other creative ideas can be found in the book P.S. I made this. . .  by innovative founder of the do-it-yourself brand, Erica Domesek. Check your local bookstores or online to find a copy!

DIY: Friendship Bracelets

Layering colorful cords is the happening accessory statement these days, and with the prices rising on these little pieces, I found a super simple way to make your own! The best part: these homemade bracelets work for all ages, styles, and personalities.

For the professionals and moms alike, these are uber-chic to wear with a nice watch to work or with a cute blouse on a double date night, but they can translate on the cuff into a cutesy project for your daughters too! Or, stumped on a gift idea? “It’s just the thought that counts” is simply a bonus!

Follow Sophie Okulick’s guide to making these happy wristlets! Whether it’s a random “thinking of you” present, or a party favor, these will step your style up a notch with a sentimental touch.

What you’ll need:


-31/2 ft of colorful cord

-2 inches of chain link

-1 small bolt that matches the chain


Step 1 – Cut your rope into two equal sections, fold one piece in half and string through one end of your chain link tying a loop knot

Step 2 – With the same rope now attached, tie a loose double knot where your bolt closure will go through.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 with the other piece of rope tying a few knots to keep your blot from sliding down the rope.

Step 4 – String your bolt though and tie a few tight knots to hold the bolt in place

Step 5 – Cut the remaining string on both ends.

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How To Shop For An Outfit Under $50

I, like many women, love shopping. Designer couture fashion lines make my heart skip beats, and I have come to realize designer bargain shopping does just the same. Because I am on a budget, I have to be thrifty. In fact, I am vowing not to spend more than $50.00 on any outfit. You say this is hard? It is challenging at times, but when you find these thrift fifty outfits, the feeling is incredible. The secret you ask? Well, this week for me, it was TJ Maxx.

Let me give you some pointers.

  1. I always go to the sales rack first with out fail. I consistently find shirts and shorts for under $20.00. The key: determination.
  2. If something catches your eye on the sales rack, pick it up. A lot of times I will look at something and think, “I am not sure if I could do anything with this.” You never know with what you can pair things with. This is when you have to get creative and make your own style.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to only your size in tops or dresses. I wear smalls or mediums but often buy larges. Think about it: how cute is an over-sized tee or tank? If you find a dress you love that is too big, belt it!
  4. Don’t automatically look for things you normally wear. If you see a picture of an outfit you love, try it! Find things similar to that outfit, and make it your own.
  5. Look for retailer sales online. They usually have more of a selection versus going in store.

Here are a few stores that always have great deals.

  • TJ Maxx
  • Kohl’s
  • Marshall’s
  • Ross
  • Target



pricesAll from TJ Maxx

Shirt– Turquoise Silk $10, Shorts– Navy Cotton $10, Necklace– Gold Plated Chain $10, Shoes- Coral Sandals with Gold Gems $15. For grand total of $45.00!!!!

For more fun reading, check out Lindsey’s amazing blog here!