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A Look into the Future: Thomas IV Handbags

Classic bags are obviously an extraordinary style element, but every girl needs that go-to purse that exudes lively personality. Thomas IV handbags is that dreamy carry all that demands a vibrant spirit! Through a unique process of collaging materials, this casual line made in the heart of New York City’s garment district, was inspired by designer Lia Cinquegrano’s desire to find an everyday handbag that reflects her personal style. Wear these super functional bags with a neutral outfit, or go print wild by incorporating it into a funky mix of patterns!

Here’s a spring preview!

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To purchase, go here.

Splurge on This: Alexander Wang Devere Shoulder Bag

Alexander Wang has done it again, creating yet another bag to die for. The leather shoulder bag is ideal for every day wear with a smooth transition as a bold accessory for night attire. To say we love this bag is an understatement!

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Alexander Wang Devere Shoulder Bag, $795

Tipsy Skipper + a Pumpkin Carving Contest…GO!

Happy October! Yep. It’s inevitable. LOLO Magazine is hosting a pumpkin carving contest. Here’s how it works: you have until October 30 to submit your crazy creative pumpkin designs to In the meantime, we will post the new entries every day on Facebook so you can personally view your competition. The top five, chosen by the LOLO editors, will enter into the People’s Choice Awards on Halloween day, and then YOU will be the one to choose the lucky winner! What we are looking for: personality. creativity. effort. the “it” factor.

The prize is the best part: a Tipsy Skipper clutch! Choose out of her just launched fall designs!

A little note about Tipsy Skipper…

Loudly spectacular colors are the name of the game this season, especially when it come to accessories, and Tipsy Skipper has some of our favorite snap bags in store. Having interned at Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, RISD graduate and sailor-extraordinare, Kearsley Lloyd, was bound to embark on one adventurous voyage where rejuvenating escapades are never-ever compromised. We are the lucky ones. I adore when people find a way to combine their passions; for Kearsley, Tipsy Skipper has become the ultimate collaboration of her love for sailing and design.

Time to start brightening your wardrobe with those skippy skimmers, uber-fun totes, and sassy keyfobs (gift idea!). Our October piece of wisdom: be a Tipsy Skipper girl who welcomes the limelight, celebrates color, exhibits class without losing her humor, and knows the difference between tipsy and too much.

Shop her newly launched fall designs here, and don’t forget to sail by her awesome blog too!

Your Next Partner in Crime: The Jerome Dreyfuss Tote

I spy something pretty and leopard. Yes, it’s a new handbag by the emerging Jerome Dreyfuss (where have you been all of our lives?). Just imagine walking to an office meeting with this lovely carry all. Business appointments just got bumped up a few notches on the exciting train. Can you picture a lunch extravaganza with this match-with-any-outfit tote? A mid-day meal never looked so good.

How can you resist this leopard print pony hair small tote? More dreamy details: Gold-tone hardware, top snap closure and side zips for expansion. Is it just me, or is there something about compartments that makes a bag worth buying? More on the inside scoop: it has a cotton lined interior with zipper pocket and a detachable leather key fob with compact brass-tone flashlight attached (how handy!). Buy this dose of luxury at Net-a-Porter. Here’s the purchase link. Swoon.

Arm Candy: Chanel Boy Bags

As if there aren’t enough reasons to get excited for fall, Chanel is coming out with a new line of slightly less feminine, dreamy bags. Inspired by a hunting cartridge carried by Coco Chanel herself, Karl Lagerfeld designed this purse, among the others in the collection, to exude the boyish charm for which she was known.

Karl Lagerfeld illustrates his inspiration: “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

Break the “white” rules: If you are still holding tightly to the “no white after Labor Day” fashion rule, it’s time to let go. It has been eliminated for some time, but the ultimate confirmation stands when Chanel forsakes this style-guide oldie.

Our purchase pitch: Highlighting a timeless structured shape, a sleek chain and heavy hardware, this bag has potential to be your white and shining armor! And it’s not going out of style anytime soon. These carry-alls are suitable for any outfit. Idea for wearing: pair with a pale colored denim, neutral flats, and a structured blazer.

Buying details: Available in a palette of red, grey, and ivory, these glazed calfskin clutches, purses, and totes range from $2500 to $4300 and can be found in Chanel boutiques.


Backpacks: Not Just for School-Goers

School is officially back in business, so back packs are naturally on the radar. Good news: these bags are an extreme fashion statement this season, and they are not just for those bookworm students. These accessories provide a cool edge for the jet-setter, the young mom, and the business woman. Really, they fly for every personality considering the diverse selection on the market. So whether you are a minimalist by nature or a bright-colored kind of girl, this carry-all is a wardrobe essential.

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Ecote Baja Blanket Backpack, $40; Ecote Baja Blanket Messenger Backpack, $69; Ashley Watson Belmont Backpack , $458; Yorika Hilltribe Backpack, 149.95; Roxy Traveler Rucksack Bag, $62; Kimchi Blue Printed Backpack, $49