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High-Powered Glamour: Exclusive Interview with Yoana Baraschi

Like what you see? I do. Meet the beautiful designer behind the pieces, and find out what she thinks are the best

Jean Paul Gaultier Comes to Dallas: The Story Behind the Mannequins

There has been a hype around town, and I think it has to do with Jean Paul Gaultier bringing his

The Story Behind the Model: Anya Brill

The modeling industry is like a close-knit family. It is a fascinating art, as if fashion meets acting, and what’s

The Story Behind BonBon Jewelry Designer Micah Yancey

Micah Yancey is one of those super-hip ladies that has an obvious knack for designing, and her talent reveals itself

The Story Behind the Blogger: Caroline Christine

If you have thought about starting a blog and hesitate, read on and be inspired… For many years, I have

Meet Dallas Wardrobe Consultant, Amy Wells Havins!

You walk into your closet and feel overwhelmed. You know that half of your wardrobe confusion comes from vintage (not