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Wild about Floral

What better way to jump into Spring than feet first? All the floral print dresses and tops have clearly made feet jealous. It’s about time our feet get in on the pretty action!

Designers are putting out shoes with pretty petals left and right and we are definitely not complaining. Floral shoes can take even the most basic outfit and make it a head turner. Try slipping on floral pumps instead of your usual black ones at work. Or take a risk and pair some floral wedges with a striped dress. Snag one of the pairs below – your feet can thank us later!

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Aldo Rinks Floral Wedge Sandals, $116.38; Jessica Simpson Halie Multi Terrace Floral, $89.99; Michael Antonio Carina Purple Floral Print, $74.99; TOMS Primrose Vegan Classics, $54

Shop the World’s Best Boutiques:

Retailers all over the world are jumping on the e-commerce train, allowing us locals to expand our shopping horizons. Speaking of, a new site-obsession has graced the LOLO world, and we are thrilled to show you the greatest new way to shop the world’s best boutiques. Meet, an online destination where Rachel Comey meets Balmain, where Opening Ceremony collides beautifully with Alexander Wang, and where the cherry on top comes in the form of the wonderfully outlandish Jeremy Scott. Oh, and for all of you MK&A lovers, The Row is most definitely in the exquisite line up.

It is always exciting to find a site that not only carries the best-of-the-best designer clothes, where having good taste doesn’t seem to matter since every buy is a win, but for it to have editorial additions makes virtually filling your shopping cart all the more inspiring. I don’t know about you, but “featured style crushes” makes me want shop. But then again, so does the allure of Isabel Marant. All in all, this site is a sartorial treasure. So head on over to, AKA a fashionista’s paradise! Peruse their boutique blog, featured designers, and all it has to offer!



Check Out This Facebook App: ShoeDish (Neimans is Involved!)

ThisNext Inc. recently announced their partnership with Neiman Marcus to launch an amazing new Facebook app called ShoeDish! You may be wondering why you need this app? Well, for starters the app is dedicated solely to shoes. Need I say more? The feature offers women a socially entertaining way to explore the latest shoes and of course to purchase the ones you love. The interactive app allows you ladies to share pumps and flats they think their friends would or wouldn’t wear.

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But that’s not all! ThisNext is distributing a weekly newsletter to app users to provide shopping inspiration from ThisNext editors, including Editor-in-Chief Mary Alice Haney. Neiman Marcus’ expert staff will also contribute by highlighting their favorite shoes in a dedicated Shoe closet!

The ShoeDish Facebook app’s features include: a Shoe Quiz, Shoe Closet, Throw a Shoe, Shoe Detail Page, Trending Shoes and Random Shoe. Are you dying to see what this is all about yet? Take a look here!


Kisses for Your Shoes: Jordana Silver Launches an Innovation That Will Make Sole-Lovers Swoon

We ladies have a knack for buying shoes, or you could maybe even call it an intentional pursuit to which we like to shift blame onto seasonal changes or creative ruts to justify the “need.” But without doubt, this heart-wrenching reality still remains true even in our fantasy land: the pretty designer shoes (that literally call our name) have hefty price tags. So the story continues: our responsible conscious tells us that we should probably eat for the month rather than splurge on Louboutins, so we ultimately but begrudgingly settle for the downgraded quality that are “almost” as cute while convincing ourselves that we are just as excited. Here’s a thought: what if we no longer had to sacrifice quality for cost efficiency, while getting to sport those marvelous soles that usually fall out of our league? Before you start guessing, I am not talking about a new Gilt Groupe. It’s something dreamier.

Meet the Jordana Silver Collection, founded by a former Michael Kors designer, Jordana Silver. Her designs are based around shoe clips, which she calls “bisous,” translated as “kisses” in French. Yes, these are kisses for your shoes. Are you head over heels yet?

The process works like this: buy a pair of her luxurious flats and start customizing with an aesthetic that reflects your personal style. Jordana dishes on the designs: “Some of the bisous are whimsical like the gunmetal polished mustaches, while others are more classic in nature like a metal bow.” To put it fashionably: you can buy a fabulous new pair of shoes for $40-$75 by changing out the clip! I see a collection in the making. To make it even better, check out her uber-fun website. You can play on here for hours.

The Website Perks

1. Virtually design your shoes.

2. Comment on the bulletin board. Do you have an idea for a bisou? Post it. Want to share a thought about your shoes? Post it.

3. The Jordana Silver Stylist Program (my favorite). This not only celebrates the stylist in everyone, but it rewards loyal customers with free and eventually exclusive bisous by promoting you from a “Junior Stylist” all the way to a “Master Stylist.”

4. Your Bisous Box: in the words of Jordana, this is a “unique and custom keepsake box that displays all of your treasures.”

Fun fact: The Bring It On Broadway show cast will be performing in the bisous!

Who wants in on the club? I DO! Start by exploring her collection here. See you there!

Splurge on This: Brian Atwood Maniac Watersnake Pumps

With animal prints staying strong this season and forecasting into the next, these cognac snake skin pumps are a must have. Brian Atwood continues to woo us with his jaw dropping designs, and the Maniac Watersnake Pumps are simply amazing. Celebrities love the “Manic” style too!



Merry Janes: Local Artists + Painted Shoes (TOMS included!)

Making something local global seems to be the name of the game in the coming times. We are tired of the “everyone has that” item. We want the undercover, hole-in-the-wall, unique thing with some local love. Is there a story behind it? Even better. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Merry Janes. Founder Jane Alvarado has a keen eye for awesome soles as well as a talented artist radar, and it was when she decided to put the two together that this genius collaboration was born. Hello gift idea!

Jane’s Motto

How many times have you heard someone say “ I love your shoes?” While not directly in your sight range, your shoes are rarely missed. I have always loved shoes, and I want them to make a statement about me and how I am feeling on a particular day. My motto: keep the clothes classic, and let the shoes do the talking!

The Story and the Company

I was on a girl’s trip last winter with lifelong friends, and the idea to hand paint shoes and boots came to me; it was a perfect “fit”. Merry Janes is a unique company engaging the services of three very distinct artists.

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The Process

Designer shoes are carefully selected. Each pair is then studied to see what colors and design will compliment the style of the shoe. Each pair becomes a wearable piece of art.

Our hand painted cowboy boots are quickly becoming our most popular item. We also hand paint TOM’s shoes with school and corporate logos.

You can request photos of shoes and boots in our inventory in your size, or special order in colors that you love! You can even send Merry Janes an old favorite and let us paint it for you to match that great new scarf or belt.

The Artists

Joan Huey is our logoed TOM’s expert. Joan has a technique that incorporates several different elements one of which is a special blend of paints to produce a product that shows your school spirit!


Katy Bandish is a canvas artist that pulls inspiration from the things that she loves and enjoys in life when painting magnificent cowboy boots.


Chris Pinales finds that painting shoes brings a new expression to his creativity. The texture of the leather and the lines of the shoe bring a new dimension to his art.




Get to creating by emailing, and check out her website here!