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Rebecca Taylor: Hippie at Heart

California girls from all around rejoiced as Rebecca Taylor’s sun-bleached Spring 2013 collection practically surfed down the runway. Taylor’s light

Exclusive Video: Backstage Action with Valentino Vettori at NY Fashion Week

Valentino Vettori has quite the fashion industry resume, which includes owning the elite Scatola Sartoriale showroom, designing and joining forces

Exclusive Video Interview with Kellan Lutz: The Scoop on Fashion Line Abbot+Main

Kellan Lutz is not just the hunky vampire brother of “Twilight’s” Edward, he is an actor gone designer (and he

Behind the Scenes of Gossip Girl: Costume Designer Eric Daman Gives Us the Scoop

Interning in the Gossip Girl wardrobe closet was the tipping point to my career path as it opened my eyes to a vast

Video: Chace Crawford+LOLO Magazine

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford is quite the fan of LOLO Magazine! In fact, if you don’t read, he may come

Inside Punkie’s Place: A Round Top Wonderland

We had finally made it to the Spring show at Round Top highly anticipating our arrival at Punkie’s Place. Walking