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TRX: Movement at It’s Max

My entire life has been full of fitness and health initiatives, but it wasn’t until this past year that I

Perfect Posture

Some believe fashion starts with the shoes, like your Jimmy Choo’s, others with their hair-do.  Some believe it’s somewhere in

Shape Up Video: At Home Fitness Moves for your Core

We know you are busy bees, and that is why we had owner of Omega Performance Training, Eric Hughes, put

Hula Hoops, Not Just For Kids!

Do you ever wish being active was as much fun as it was when you were a kid? I remember

Fitness Video: Blast the Holiday Fat with These At-Home Moves

It’s the holiday season, aka time is limited. Not to mention, with cloudy cold days comes winter workout blues, so

A Social Fitness Twist: Hiking Yoga

Hey burnt-out-worker-outers, we have a newbie exercise extravaganza for you! Hiking yoga. Eric Kipp is the genius behind the not-so-ordianary