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Kevita: A Sparkling and Delicious Probiotic Refreshment

It look a summer in New York City to get me completely hooked on probiotic drinks. They were so new to me, and being a non-energy drink drinker, these were the perfect alternatives to provide a boost of natural energy in addition to healthy flora for digestion.  Not to be confused with Kombucha, KeVita is made using a fresh new approach. Water or tea is combined with the proprietary Organic KeVita Culture; a blend of probiotics and subtle flavors. They combine organic cold extracted plant extracts and organic fruits in a variety of flavors for your drinking pleasure. Oh, and did I mention it’s raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free and organic?

KeVita Fun Facts

It has multiple strains of probiotics, including those originating from kefir derived cultures. For thousands of years these cultures have been cherished for supporting beneficial digestive flora.

It is available in 8 delicious flavors: Strawberry Acai Coconut, Mango Coconut (my favorite), Coconut, Pomegranate Coconut, Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger, Living Greens, and Green Tea!

      • Proven to promote digestive health
      • Proven to maintain the immune system
      • Proven to deliver 10 times more probiotic cultures than common yogurt through the gut and into the intestine where they are needed
      • 4 Billion Probiotic Organisms at time of Bottling. 4 strains.
      • Refreshing and thirst-quenching
      • 4 flavors certified organic, 4 flavors made with organic ingredients
      • Made with LOVE in small batches in California

Why Drink KeVita?

For radiant vitality and health, duh! KeVita is the only sparkling, probiotic refreshment of its kind. It contains 2x the probiotic content as Kombucha, plus it has a much milder flavor and is created from a different culture called Water Kefir. These drinks are very low in sugar as they are lightly sweetened with Stevia. The coolest part: it is handcrafted and cold-processed at KeVita’s own organic plant in Ventura, CA. (Take me here please!)

KeVita Suggestions

  • If you have an upset stomach: go with the Lemon and Ginger flavor.
  • Drink as much or as little as you want any time of day, with or without meals.
  • How much you need to drink to enjoy the benefits varies. Everyone is unique. Listen to your taste buds and your body. Some drink 2 bottles a day others make a bottle last all week.

Kevita is available at Whole Foods, health and gourmet stores nationwide. You can spot a local location here.

Terra Biotech: Jamie Nugent’s Experience

Cancer is a rapidly spreading epidemic that seems only be on the uprise. What can we do to stop this devastating disease? Read on for a family who ventured on a journey to attain nutritional excellence. The best part: they now share what was once their homemade healing concoction with the world!

How did the idea of Terra Biotech begin? Jamie Nugent was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and underwent chemotherapy. After she was clear of cancer she was run down, depressed, and couldn’t function as the mother and wife she was for so many years. Her husband, Warren Nugent began the search for something to make his wife feel better. After going to the Amazon and doing research with doctors, professors and scientists, they came up with the combination of super foods and antioxidant rich ingredients that are made from the world’s most nutrient-dense soils. Jamie said that she began feeling better within the first 48 hours of drinking the drinks.

Do you think natural, wholesome ingredients and medicine are the future? Jamie thoroughly believes this is the future. She feels that by getting the word out about this product, it will make others wish to begin eating more nutrient rich foods rather than bulk foods without any nutrient value.  The problem with our country’s food is that it has been grown in nutrient-depleted soils. If we can begin going back to natural ingredients, we can hope to see a rise in a healthy society.

Is the company planning on coming out with other products? The company is always in the process of testing new ingredient combinations for products in the future.  They also started a new program called “one2one” where when someone purchases a bottle of this drink, a serving of nutrition is given to a malnourished child to somewhere in the world, including our own backyard. As the program continues to grow, they hope to get this product into our schools.

I noticed the drinks have a unique taste because of no added sugar and the healthy ingredients. I feel like this is a result of the additives and preservatives in so much of the food now. Do you think this altering of food is endangering our countries health? There is an interesting issue with the Americans taste pallet. We are so used to the way things taste due to high fructose corn syrup and things like aspartame that hinder the way things taste to us. If we can begin to wean ourselves off of these unnatural foods and eat things that have actual nutrition, we can begin to feel better and not crave sweets and chemically altered foods.

How has this product made you more aware of healthy eating, and where do you like to shop for food? Jamie has five children and likes to shop at their local Tom Thumb where she can still find good deals on natural and organic products. She is now more concerned about what items she buys by reading the labels and determining what is nutritious.

A few other interesting things about the Nectr drinks: Some of the ingredients are hand picked from the most nourishing soils in the world. They each come with a list of what each ingredient does. The morning drink is called “Rize.” Then there is the “Core” for mid-day, and “Calm”  for a sleep aid. The interesting thing about it is that all of the ingredients on the back of each bottle are recognizable and safe products without crazy side effects (go figure!). The website has an awesome interactive map showing where each ingredient is from. Also be sure to check out the video of the Nugent family’s inspiring story!

Transportation Update: The Cutest Bikes on the Market

Whether you are in the deep of Manhattan, the uptown of Dallas, or the mountains of Colorado, we want to guide you to the newest and coolest of bicycles. Right this way to the most functional and slightly romantic transporters…

The Schwinn City IG3

The all-new City series provides a collection of urban bikes with elegant style and functionality. Each city model features a lightweight aluminum frame with an integrated rear rack. The options include: a singlespeed, 3-speed, or 8-speed configuration. Price: $680, available at local retailers.

The Perks: The step-thru aluminum frame with integrated rear rack and HL Zoom Sunny Suspension Fork calls for a most stylish and functional ride, the Shimano Nexus 3-speed drivetrain with Revo shifter provides extra gears and easy shifting, and the comfort saddle and fenderset ensures to keep you dry and in style.

City IG3 Wmns	Eggplant

The Schwinn Breeze

You don’t have to ride fast to experience the joy of riding a Schwinn. Taking a spin on a cruiser is the perfect remedy to break free from the daily grind, allowing you to crack a smile and enjoy life. These friendly cruisers feature plenty of eye-catching colors and clean lines to get you around in style, not to mention a cushy saddle for a soft ride. Price: $149, available at Walmart.

The Perks: The Schwinn cruiser frame features a comfortable riding position, the Cruiser handlebar with alloy stem allows for upright posture,the rear coaster brake calls for intuitive stopping, the alloy rims ensure easy rolling, the Schwinn quality wide padded cruiser saddle softens the ride, the Classic  Schwinn rear rack makes it oh-so-convenient, and the fenders let you take your bike out for a spin in all weather. The cutest part: the Schwinn Ding Dong Bell to honk at your neighbors!

The Cannondale Bad Girl 3

Defined as: Sophistipunk. Urban mobility with attitude, sleek and stylish with a street scrapper’s heart yet nimble and fun handling, with a “heads-up” riding position. The Bad Girl’s unique frame design combines a kick-A silhouette with great standover clearance. Couture-inspired artwork ensures that, punk show or premier, you arrive in style. Price $800, available in late fall.

The Perks: The Cannondale engineers and product managers spend a lot of time making sure that a bike’s given geometry is perfectly suited to the intended user. Bad Girl is nimble and agile enough to dice it up with the taxis and delivery vans, but stable and upright enough to be fun.Whether you need to carry a bag of groceries, packages for uptown or go out in all weather, Bad Girl is rack and fender ready.