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Calling All Tea Lovers

To say we are wild about tea is an understatement. One of our favorite things to do after a long

Piggy Bank Friendly: Saving Money at Whole Foods

An important re-blog: I came across a game changing article recently. The biggest excuse and real life concern I hear

The Cutest Caramel Apples and How To Make Them!

Fall is finally here, and I know we are all excited about it. Costumes, boots, tights, fall decor, and fall

Better Than a Golden Ticket: the Yummiest Chocolate Bars

Yep, I dare to say nothing is better than good quality chocolate. Whether it’s infused into a coffee mug with

Sweet Potato Central

I am a slight sweet potato fanatic (understatement) to the point where my skin tone has taken on an orange

Avocado: The Green Fruit that Keeps on Giving

Avocado is equivalent to a summertime dream. Why? It makes your hair shine, your skin glow, and your body burn