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Rising Star: Musician Samantha Marq

With musical ambition that has never failed to inspire her fans, Samantha Marq has continued to wow us. Being born

A Photographer that Captures Personality: Jessica Mims

Christmas card season is just around the corner. New modernized head shots are on the top of your to-do for

The Story Behind the Hair Stylist: Octavio Molina Tops the Charts!

When you sit down in Octavio Molina’s chair, you just know you are going to walk away with fabulous hair.

Kendra Scott Opens Store in West Village: Exclusive Video Interview

Meet the newest addition to the Kendra Scott family–her Dallas location in West Village! It is a store that stunningly

The Story Behind BonBon Jewelry Designer Micah Yancey

Micah Yancey is one of those super-hip ladies that has an obvious knack for designing, and her talent reveals itself

Exclusive Video: Backstage Action with Valentino Vettori at NY Fashion Week

Valentino Vettori has quite the fashion industry resume, which includes owning the elite Scatola Sartoriale showroom, designing and joining forces