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Warm weekend getaway packing list

gladiators // dress // clutch wallet // denim shorts

sunnies // heels // fringe bag // striped tee

Hooray for Friday and hooray for weekend trips to warm places. Next weekend I am off to Malibu for a 5-day vacay (long weekends are the best) and these items are totally on my must-pack list. Lo and I are loving denim cutoffs, chic sunnies, and neutral heels for spring/summer plus the go-to striped tee, a cool fringe bag, and gladiator sandals. Click through the slides to see these picks + few more things that we are crushing on. XO

Chic Coffee Table Books

Chic coffee table books // lolo mag

We love sitting on a sofa + flipping through gorgeous, inspirational books that are even more lovely on the inside than they are on the outside. Coffee table books have quickly become a must-have in a cozy, chic home and we are all about it. Above are 9 books that we love the looks of and links are below to shop!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz // Styled // Everyone Loves New York

Good Gifts // Love x Style x Life // Paris in Color

Vogue Living // Elements of Style // Tom Ford




Happy Thanksgiving eve, Lolo readers! Thanksgiving is such a special time. It is so wonderful to spend the day with those you love most, being thankful for the many blessings in life. We want to take a moment to share what we are most thankful for! Read below to hear from each of us- Lo, Melissa, and Tessa. -Love, Team LOLO.

Thanksgiving is one of the sweetest times of the year because it is a reminder to slow down, enjoy our loved ones, and reflect on the beauty in our lives. Whether refinement developed through pain or graceful moments, there is always a reason and importance to joyfully celebrate! This year I am so grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness through my first year of marriage, in the adjustment of moving to a new city, and in the provision of precious new friendships. – Lo

This year I am thankful for my loved ones and the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving together. It is on days like today that my heart feels especially full! There is something so special about being around the table with family & friends.  I am most thankful however for the Lord’s love and grace. It is so amazing to watch the Lord work in our lives- His timing is perfect and for that I am so grateful.  “Trust in the Lord and leave the consequences to Him.”- Dr Charles Stanley. – Melissa

I especially love this season of thankfulness because it re-centers our hearts on the people and experiences that have impacted and graced our lives. This year, I am especially thankful for the Lord’s provision and His faithfulness. Even in times of uncertainty, or in times when our lives have not yet resembled what we thought or dreamt them to be, we are pointed to the goodness and the powerful love of our Father, who enables us to be all that we can be. So, I am thankful for the many friends and family that have been placed in my life as living examples of the depth of the love of our Father. –Tessa

10 tips for hosting Friendsgiving

10 tips when hosting Friendsgiving

Image via Better Home & Gardens

Hi everyone! I am so excited for my first post on LOLO Mag. Today I’m sharing 10 bits of advice to consider when hosting Friendsgiving. My boyfriend & I are hosting a Friendsgiving gathering at his farm this coming Sunday for about 35 people. The below tips are all things that I have tried to consider when planning the party, plus bits of wisdom that I am determined to keep in mind as the day gets closer. -Melissa

1. Get it on the calendar. This time of year is very hectic, so picking a date ahead of time is so important. It might seem crazy, but planning it in September is really not that unrealistic. Pick a day and mark it on the calendar!

2. The more the merrier. Now it’s time to make the guest list. If you think there is someone you want to invite, do it! Don’t worry about the number, because some people won’t be able to come. Also, this time of the year is all about bringing people together and enjoying one another.

3. Make the e-vite & send. Paperless post is the way to go! The site makes it so easy to design the cutest card + send it to your guests via email. Then your guests can easily RSVP yes or no. The event page is also a great place for people to post on the comment wall.

4. Group effort. For our upcoming Friendsgiving, I asked everyone to bring a dish to share and I am so happy that I did! It is so fun for everyone to bring their favorite dish, and it saves the host so much time, energy, and stress. It is way too much for one person or even two people to make everything. Ask for help and welcome it with open arms.

5. Keep it casual… Keeping it casual will make it a stress-free gathering. From food to the seating situation, keep it simple, easy, and laid-back

6. ..but cozy! Just because it is casual doesn’t mean you can’t make it cozy. Thanksgiving is the time to feel warm and welcomed, so don’t hesitate to make your home seem comfortable and very ‘fall’. I’m not encouraging going overboard with the decorating, but fall blooms, candles, table runners, and wreaths can really set the tone.

7. Buy ahead. Being prepared & ready-to-go will make the day-of go smoothly and allow you to enjoy yourself more. Make a list of things you need and buy it a few weeks before. Then a few days before and the morning of, allow plenty of time for set-up.

8. Disposable plates + glasses. When you are having a lot of guests over your home and it is a casual party, having disposable plates, glasses, utensils, and napkins is essential. No one wants to be doing dishes for hours at the end of the night! For our upcoming party, I ordered products from Posh Party– the plates and everything look great, and now clean-up will be pretty simple.

 9. Imperfection is the best. This is quite possibly the most important thing on this list! Do not worry about everything being perfect. In fact, don’t even hope that everything is perfect. It is an unrealistic goal, but more importantly imperfection at a house party is one of the things that makes it real, genuine, and home-y. If something is overcooked, who cares! If someone spills wine, it can be cleaned up. And if someone comes in with dirty shoes, well that’s life. Enjoy the imperfections, and go with the flow.

10. Enjoy. The guests aren’t the only ones that are supposed to have fun- the hosts are too! Once the party starts, let the fun begin- be welcoming, enjoy the together time, and have fun!

Rising Star: Musician Samantha Marq

With musical ambition that has never failed to inspire her fans, Samantha Marq has continued to wow us. Being born into the music biz, the daughter of Michael Marquart (who you may know from the 80’s supergroup “A Flock of Seagulls”) was destined to make music of her own. By sitting in on studio sessions at her father’s recording studio, Windmark Recording, Samantha watched superstars such as Justin Timberlake record. Yes, we just said Justin Timberlake!! Currently, Samantha is in the middle of a new and highly anticipated album that will showcase a completely new sound, with Macy Gray as her executive producer. Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha about her career and new album.

Being a singer has always been on Samantha’s mind. “My dad is a musician, he stopped touring when my brother and I were born to open up a recording studio.” It was here that Samantha was inspired by music and incredible artists. “I tried to learn everything I could from any and everyone who came in the studio.”  Let’s just say by being in this environment it was nearly impossible to want to be a part of any other industry.

When it comes to her own music, Samantha writes her songs. “The importance of writing your own music is something my father instilled in me at a young age. I take pride in the fact that I write my own music.” She writes about personal experiences so her fans can really get to know her. What should you expect on her new album? Her sound has evolved this time around, and she wanted to stray away from the club/pop songs. “This album has more of a singer-songwriter vibe.”

Make sure to check out Samantha Marq’s website here for updates on her new album’s release date!


Photos courtesy of Samantha Marq.

A Photographer that Captures Personality: Jessica Mims

Christmas card season is just around the corner. New modernized head shots are on the top of your to-do for business branding. Senior photos are just ahead. You want to enjoy an event without having to worry about snapping photos the whole night. The million dollar question: how do I find a photographer that suites my needs?

[galleryview id= 95]

Without further ado, meet the girl behind the fabulous Mimsy Studios. After watching her dad fiddle with his camera for years and investing her graduation money into one of these artistic machines, Jessica Mims became a creative victim to the love of photography. A few photography classes and film developing sessions was all it took for her to cultivate a passion and an eye for this form of art, and her fascination with this hobby soon moved her out of her accounting career into full time photography (lucky for us!).

I find it very exciting that welcoming creativity into the business world is now, for the most part, highly encouraged. In this modern generation, where personality is better and modern branding is a must, this question lies at the centrality of most business plans,whether a blogger or CEO: how do we differentiate ourselves? Well, Jessica Mims asks the same thing when snapping brilliant photos of her clients, and the answer always seems to be, capturing the individual.” It makes sense since no one is like the other, right? But finding someone who can handle this notion is few and far between.

[galleryview id= 97]

Her photo session goal: She gets to know her clients before a shoot, so she is fully prepared to “create beautiful photos that capture their personality and specific needs.” She really enjoys encompassing someone’s unique beauty in unusual environments.

Her favorite blog: “I love The Sartorialist. The way Scott Schuman captures portraits on the street is really inspiring. I have also recently gotten addicted to Pinterest (who hasn’t?). I love finding interesting recipes and photography ideas there.”

Her creative hobbies: “I really like to express my creativity through designing my own living and working space. I love mixing new and vintage items and re-making items to be uniqueI also love cooking and trying out new recipes, and I might be slightly addicted to the Food Network.”

Favorite restaurant:  Sevan G&G’s Mediterranean Café or Desperado’s Mexican Restaurant.

Favorite shops: Lula B’s Antiques and Dolly Python.

Head on over to Mimsy Studios! Better yet, if you mention LOLO Magazine, you will get 20% off your photo session. Yipee!