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“the raven dress”

So, it’s no secret that shopping is a big hobby of mine (more like a way of life, really). The

operation new phone case.

When the seasons are changing, I always get this urge to shop. I literally tell myself that I should avoid

bundle up.

I was laughing this week when I heard a New Yorker comment on the slight warm front that was breezing

Spotted: Alexandra Beth Jewelry

Perusing Alexandra Beth jewelry is like digging through a chest of treasure. Each piece seems to outshine the last, but

Flash Forward: The Rachel Roy Spring 2012 Collection

Tuesday morning something magical happened. I was transplanted out of my everyday routine and found myself heading down Broadway to view the Spring-Summer

The Story Behind BonBon Jewelry Designer Micah Yancey

Micah Yancey is one of those super-hip ladies that has an obvious knack for designing, and her talent reveals itself