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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with L’s Cupcake Delivery

Austin, TX has a new cupcake in town. L’s Cupcake Delivery brings gourmet cupcakes to you! Laura Vinson, owner of L’s, bakes cupcakes that not only look but taste delicious. Making the treats in three sizes: regular, minis and in a jar, these cupcakes are a must have at your next event!

L’s started when Laura realized that her passion for baking cupcakes could turn into a business. She had seen the craze hit some of the bigger cities such as New York and LA, so why not bring this to Austin? Laura was right, Austin needed a chic cupcake delivery. “I envisioned myself as the Tiff Treats of cupcakes!” Having a major sweet tooth herself, Laura started L’s Cupcake Delivery in 2009. Laura’s business plan has been a knock out success, and the past two years growing her company have been amazing.

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These cupcakes are ideal for weddings (one of Laura’s personal favorites). “I love seeing the whole set-up of a wedding come together.” They do tons of baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, you name it. Each year L’s even participates at La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival. The event includes samples from all of the best restaurants and local wineries and of course the best cupcakes!

“But you don’t need an event to order. We’ll happily deliver a fresh baked dozen to your door just because!”

You may be wondering how to get your hands on some of these decadent “cuppies” for your party or sweet cravings. They are deliver-only; give them a 24 hour notice and fresh baked cupcakes will arrive at your home, office or event!

Call L’s Cupcake Delivery today: 512-689-7566 or visit L’s Cupcake Delivery here and they will happily take your order.

Photos courtesy of L’s Cupcake Delivery.

Let’s Talk Menswear: Edge Boutique

The revolutionary men’s store, Edge Boutique is buzzing around town and labeling their look as “Austin chic.”  At the perfect location of Fifth and Brazos, Edge attracts followers of fashion throughout the trendy city of Austin, Texas.  Although primarily a men’s haven, women can find electric looks for both themselves and of course, their men.

I had the opportunity to visit Edge Boutique and see what all the chatter was about!  A mix of distressed rocker gear, prepwear and professional clothing all encompass the store and that is just the beginning.  What really shines is little details like hardwood floors, enticing red dressing room curtains and the aroma from multiple lit candles. My favorite part was the pop-up bar where you could sip cocktails while you coasted through clothes and were greeted by great customer service.

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A word with founder and visionary, Phillip Solomon, who has previously been a celebrity stylist and also worked with top tier television networks:

What is your favorite item in the store? 

“Our Mood of Norway jacket with pink lining!”

What is one must-have in any man’s closet? 

“A vest, one you can dress up with a pair of jeans or pants…it makes any outfit look dapper.”

How do you turn a man from common to trendy with three essential items?

“Premium denim, great shoes and a sport coat.”

If you could style one celebrity tomorrow who would it be and why?

“Bradley Cooper…I think he would be fun to work with.”

What trend are you loving most this season?

“The cut and fit of men’s woven shirts are more flattering this season, and I find that it makes guys work out more to have their shirts fit just right.”

What are three of your favorite places in Austin?

Paggi HouseClive Bar, and Cedar Street

…and let me add, he is a super cool and confident guy (who knows his stuff!) It was a pleasure to meet him.

The Story Behind the Model: Anya Brill

The modeling industry is like a close-knit family. It is a fascinating art, as if fashion meets acting, and what’s even more fascinating is hearing the stories behind the models. They seem to embrace their personal selves rather than conform to the mediocre, and that is why I highly respect this profession. Meet Anya Brill. She is progressing in the modeling world, and she shares with LOLO her journey and her beauty tips. Whether you are an artist or an accountant, her career goal mindset for the future is a framework for adoption!

How did your modeling career start?

When I was thirteen, my mom signed me up for a Back-to-School Fashion Show. I fell in love with modeling the moment I stepped onto the runway. When I was fourteen I did another Back-to-School Fashion Show, and my love for modeling grew even more. I was 16 when my hobby, modeling, turned more into a career. It all started with being a Campaign model for Tess Designs here in Austin, Texas.

What has been the biggest surprise about the industry?

The biggest surprise I have experienced is that it is all about relationships. There has not been a lot of competition between models, but rather a lot of friendships are being built. I have also worked with many Christians, which I love, because I too am a Christian. I definitely see God’s hand in my career.

What is your biggest goal in your career path?
I love traveling and hope to travel abroad. I see myself walking the runway in Milan and Paris. Of course, I hope to be a part of New York Fashion Week as well, and one day be signed by Elite Model Management in NYC. My ultimate goal for my career is to have my own brand name, ‘Anya’. I am looking into it now and have big dreams for the future!

What is your favorite part about living in Austin?
I love Austin’s fun, laid-back vibe. While the fashion here is quite casual, Austin has a growing fashion scene. This summer I walked in Austin Fashion Week and loved every second of it. I was nominated in the top five for Best Female Model: Industry Choice and Best Female Model: People’s Choice. My favorite part about living in Austin is that Austin is weird and no one cares what you look like. After a photo shoot or runway, if my hair and make up are ridiculous, everyone loves it!! I love going out after gigs!

What are the must-have items in your purse?
Lip Gloss! Lip Gloss! Lip Gloss! I could not live without my lip gloss! As well as my phone and my credit card!

What music are you listening to now?
I love to work out to the popular hits. I really like the strength of Carrie Underwood. I love Enrique Iglesias, Skillet, LeCrae, and anything that keeps me energized.

What is your favorite beauty tip?
Hmmm…that’s a hard one. It has to be “Less is More.” I’m also a big believer in good posture; it always makes you look taller and thinner. My number one advice is to always bring a smile.

If you could follow the career path of one model, who would it be?
I would LOVE to follow in the career path of Gisele Bundchen. She went from being a model for Victoria’s Secret to modeling all over the world for big designers and is now a household name. I love the fact that now she’s known just by her first name, which is also a personal goal for me! She was also a volleyball player like myself and had humble beginnings before conquering the whole world of fashion.

Guilty pleasure?
I have to have my hot fudge sundaes! I couldn’t live without them.

Who is your style icon?
I really admire Rachel Bilson’s sense of style. She has really gone from being an actress to being known even more for her personal style and good taste. I would love to be known for my own style and be a muse for designers. I love fashion and hope to be a big name!

Credits: First photo- Designer: Jessica Ciarla, CIARLA Bridal, Make Up: Avery Allen, Hair: Andrea Juarez, Photographer: Juan Deleon; Second photo-Designers: Megan Summerville, Makeup and Hair: Edith Henry, Stylist: Edith Henry, Photographer: Michelle Babb; ; Third photo-Designer: Jessica Ciarla, CIARLA Bridal, Make Up: Gertie Murray at Rae Cosmetics, Hair: Andrea Juarez, Photographer: Shane Michael Gordon

Up Close with Michelle Weisman, Designer of 81 Poppies

While attending The Style Masters presented by Tidbits last week in Austin, I had the pleasure of  meeting Michelle Weisman the designer of the clothing line 81 Poppies. As I browsed through the modern yet feminine collection, the vintage inspired prints popped out at me. Using mostly silks, cottons from Japan and wool from Italy, Michelle designs all of the prints herself. She will often will re-do a vintage print to make it more contemporary and fitting for the brand, making all of the prints exclusive to her line.

Her Spring Collection’s muse was the South of France. The colors came from the French landscape by mixing soft pastels with hints of bright hues. “I imagined what a fabulous French woman would wear walking around the town or sitting at a cafe for inspiration.”

As far as which celebrities she dreams to dress one day? “I would love to dress Kate Hudson or Reese Witherspoon; they each seem to embody the 81 Poppies brand: feminine, strong, classic, mixed with a little vintage.”

Where can you find her collection? You can shop online and see what stores carry her line here!




SoCo Charm: Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

South Congress in Austin, TX is one of our favorite spots for weekend outings. Not only does the area have stellar shopping and a bohemian charm but the restaurants are something to write home about. If you haven’t eaten at Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, it’s time you try it out. The restaurant has a Cape Cod vibe with seating indoors or out; you are guaranteed to love the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. The menu consists of seafood dishes you will be thinking about for days. Don’t forget to order oysters; they offer a large selection which changes with the seasons. Delicious.

Located on South Congress in Austin, TX

Best of Austin


Austin-girl, Blake Sparks, decided to stay in this funky/incredible/lovable conglomeration of a town after graduating from the University of Texas, and who can blame her? She is one who admires adventure, and she is a go-to person to find that local hole in the wall, a creative new venture, or just a fun time! Read on to discover Blake’s master list composed of the must-dos of Austin. From aerial dance classes to top sushi chef food trailers, this guide can undoubtedly be used as a valid excuse to make an un-regrettable trip!


For when you find yourself barely able to squeeze a mat into the crowded 5:30 yoga class,  Austin offers an endless array of unique fitness opportunities.  In a beginners aerial dance class, you’ll certainly work a new set of muscles flipping and twirling while suspended from the ceiling and wrapped in scarves at Blue Lapis Light Studio.



Austin’s enormous food trailer scene makes creative culinary experiences accessible to all.  Top in my book is East Side King, an asian-electic trailer located in the back patio of Liberty Bar on the hip East 6th Street. It is run by three chefs during their nights off from Austin’s most revered sushi restaurant, Uchi.  You can’t beat creative tastes from supremely trained chefs for $4 – $8 a dish.



Many of us central Austin dwellers live in houses built in the mid-century, so updating a space while keeping its vintage charm is a shared goal.  The talented girls behind Spruce, a furniture redesign studio, specialize in updating antique furniture with eye-catching fabrics.  Better yet, take a class at their studio and learn to reupholster yourself!


For gifts, jewelry and home accessories, the perfectly curated Spartan is my first stop.  The shop carries items from local artists and designers. Its not big in size, but the beautifully calm atmosphere make me want to spend hours browsing the inventory which perfectly blends the themes of industrial and organic. It also doesn’t hurt that my favorite clothing boutique, Bows + Arrows  is connected next door.



For baristas that treat pulling an espresso shot as an artistic skill, get your next caffeine fix from Caffe Medici.  This quaint reading nook not only serves up some of the most delicious coffee around, but the staff will happily educate you on where your beans were roasted as they personalize your cappuccino with latte art.



Since my job has me indoors during the week, I keep my office cheery by bringing a bit of nature in with me.  Austin Flower Company  is my pick for flowers because they always display a variety of unique and high quality flowers, foliage, and plants with a friendly staff to assist you.  In this arena, I am a Do It Yourself-er, so I love that I can pick up blooms by the stem, take them home wrapped in brown paper, and design an arrangement myself.



Weekends are spent soaking up the sun at the natural springs, biking through the city or hiking the green belt, so cooling off is a must. Daily Juice serves up refreshing organic juices, smoothies and superfoods. I love that I don’t have to search for the healthy items on the menu; I can pick whatever sounds tasty and know that it will be locally sourced, all-natural and fresh.


My friends and I spend many evenings jamming to our favorite bands at the Mohawk.  Its our venue of choice because it attracts the most authentic local bands as well as favorites from around the globe.  The multi-tiered back patio allows for plenty of places to enjoy a drink and socialize before the show.

We would love to hear about your favorite places in the fabulous town of Austin! For more suggestions, please email lauren@lolomag.com.