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kate somerville: my game-changer

There are some things in life that are worth the investment, ie: a house, a good pair of jeans, and

Top Knot || How To

Ladies and gentlemen (well, probably just ladies but you never know). I am SO excited to feature Tracy Melton on

stocking stuffers for days

I don’t know about you, but stockings are definitely my favorite part of Christmas. I can’t even explain it but

The ultimate SALE shopping guide

For all you online shoppers, the tock is ticking on your Christmas Shopping! You’ve only got a few days left

the LOLO Mag gift guide

November has finally arrived! Meaning it’s basically Thanksgiving aka basically CHRISTMAS. My absolute favorite time of year. The shopping aspect

Putting your face on

Every girl has a different morning routine of “putting her face on”. For ┬áthose of you that aren’t┬áset on your