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Fashion Week Red

Three words: Fashion Week Red. It really is funny how a lip color can give a woman the ultimate confidence. Maybe we are just speaking for ourselves? Doubtful. Dare to go red. The color draws attention, in the best kind of way. Look fierce. Feel fashion forward. Give it a try. We have included some of our personal faves below. Seriously, rock red this fall.

1. NARS 2. YSL 3.Chanel 4.Maybelline


Exclusive Interview with Director of Chanel Dallas, Pillar Hubbard

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Chanel of Highland Park Village’s director Pilar Hubbard for a quick interview.  She gave me the LOdown on Lagerfeld’s breathtaking (are you surprised?) Fall/Winter 2012 show in Paris, as well as the inspirations behind the line this season.

CS: So tell me about this season.  Lagerfeld is obviously one of the greatest icons of all time in the industry and has huge influence on other designers.  What are some inspirations behind what he has done here?

PH: Well he was going for a very “dark, enchanted forest” feel.  Lots of black as always, greys and red.  You see a lot of role reversal in this collection.

CS:  He always manages to keep the femininity in his collections, and even pulls it off with super chic goth looks.  I’m blown away. In what ways do we see this “role reversal” playing out?

PH:  He did a lot of pant suits.  The idea was sort of taking the “boyfriend blazer” to a new level.  The pants are all rolled or cropped, but still mostly skinny pants.  He did a lot of layering, and freshly presented your classic Chanel tweed jacket over blazers, which is a really chic concept.  As you probably know, he also came out with the “boyfriend bag” this year (see our LOLO article on this bag).  Lots of 1930’s and 40’s coming out in the handbags.  The symbol on the boyfriend is subtle, which makes for a classic.

CS: I think women get intimidated by trying to pull off the role reversal, but Lagerfeld seems to make it easy.  The Paris show was astounding..

PH:  Yes, I was actually there and it was quite a show.  It was very “the cure”; black, semi-sinister, foggy and apocalyptic.

CS: So clear trends for the season..

PH: Definitely cropped and rolled skinny pants.  Kitten heels are coming back, but pointed kitten heels.  And as I said before, the layered boyfriend jackets with tweed… pretty much taking your boyfriends closet to a high fashion runway.

CS: Lagerfeld never ceases to amaze me.

PH:  You and the rest of the world.



Dallas’s Highland Park Village: Fashion Night Out

It is understood that the Dallas fashion scene shops at, or more realistically window shops at, Highland Park Village. This timeless shopping mecca established in 1931 is known throughout the far reaches of DFW, to those elite fashionistas from NYC to L.A., as the ultimate shopping paradise of the Big D.  One could compare it to the Bal Harbour Shops of Miami, however the carefully selected designers featured in this little slice of heaven contribute to its unique delicacy.  The women who work, live and play here are just as supreme as the selection of stores that surround them; ageless beauties that are here to stay.

Highland Park Village is not one of the places like many others in Dallas where trendy boutiques turn every couple of months.  Fashion-world Gods such as Chanel, Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren and Escada have set up shop here. Dispersed throughout are the more trendy spots for those of us a bit younger who maybe get one pair of Loubotins a year, such as Scoop NYC, Anthropologie, Vince and Diane Von Frustenburg.  Although more trendy, they still maintain that classical element.

[galleryview id= 65]

Now that you’re mentally amidst the mass numbers of beautiful women running around in Jimmy Choos and the freshest fall designer picks, as the sun sets in the last days of a Texas summer, you’re prepared for the annual event known as Fashion’s Night Out in Dallas.  The Chanel Boutique had it’s annual nail painting bar (interview from boutique director Pilar on their fall collections coming soon),  while Avant Garden had a tribute to Alexander McQueen with an elaborate dress composed entirely of flowers.

The main events of the evening were the two greatly anticipated fashion shows featuring most designers within the Village.  Trends that shouted were plaid anything, cropped and rolled pants, and reptile print.  I know that plaid, cropped pants sound terrifying, but paired with tall boots and even taller socks are sophisticated and flattering.  There was sheer all around, which was a personal favorite, along with the little tassels dispersed throughout shoes and handbags.  As always, I giggled quietly to myself as the “oohs” and “ahs” were read from the lips of Dallas’s elite when the mass amounts of fur hit the runway.  Not even lack of snow can keep a fashionable Texas woman from her fur.  Overall, this fall season looks exciting to say the least.  Until next year..

Arm Candy: Chanel Boy Bags

As if there aren’t enough reasons to get excited for fall, Chanel is coming out with a new line of slightly less feminine, dreamy bags. Inspired by a hunting cartridge carried by Coco Chanel herself, Karl Lagerfeld designed this purse, among the others in the collection, to exude the boyish charm for which she was known.

Karl Lagerfeld illustrates his inspiration: “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

Break the “white” rules: If you are still holding tightly to the “no white after Labor Day” fashion rule, it’s time to let go. It has been eliminated for some time, but the ultimate confirmation stands when Chanel forsakes this style-guide oldie.

Our purchase pitch: Highlighting a timeless structured shape, a sleek chain and heavy hardware, this bag has potential to be your white and shining armor! And it’s not going out of style anytime soon. These carry-alls are suitable for any outfit. Idea for wearing: pair with a pale colored denim, neutral flats, and a structured blazer.

Buying details: Available in a palette of red, grey, and ivory, these glazed calfskin clutches, purses, and totes range from $2500 to $4300 and can be found in Chanel boutiques.


Eyeshadow Craze: The Color to Buy for Fall

To be glamorous and earthy at the same time is the name of the game this fall season, and one specific color makes that quest gorgeously possible. It’s hard to pick and choose when a million and one hues fight for your attention at the make-up counter, so which color is the perfect purchase for an approaching autumn? The answer: metallic green. When I say metallic, I don’t mean bright and obnoxious. I am talking about that warm forrest green that has a touch of sheen.

Scroll through these options to find what best suits you.

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Chanel Illusion d’ Ombre in Epatant, $36 at nordstrom.com; Dior 5 Couleurs in Green Design, $58 at dior.com; bareMinerals Eyeshadow in Envy, $13 at bareescentuals.com; MAC Eyeshadow in Swimming or Humid, $15 at maccosmetics.com