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gifts for the littles.

This month was so incredibly special. I flew home to Dallas because my twin sister, Brittany, and her sweet husband, Shaun, were about to have their first little one. Initially, it was so surreal to process that my sister was pregnant. It is such a beautiful reality, yet at the same time, I feel like there is no way we could be old enough! Who’s with me?

So I must admit, I have a slight obsession with buying baby Kate bows. I can’t stop, and it’s becoming a problem. This store is my weakness, and the size of these bows gives me all the feels, but these fringe booties are the cherry on top. Thank you, Minnetonka! Baby Kate is going to look beyond precious in these little shoes, and I couldn’t help but introduce her early to these perfectly cozy fall booties. That’s one of my jobs as an aunt, right?


Let’s talk baby gifts. Because I don’t have any toddlers running around, I am going to stick with what I have become most familiar with (babies!). To start off, I believe books are the sweetest presents for a little one. Reading is so important for their minds and creativity even when they are still itty bitty. A child can never have enough books in my opinion! That is one of the things I remember most as a child – my parents reading me stories! Christmas Eve was always my extra favorite, too, because we would all snuggle up in bed and read some holiday classics. It was the perfect way to count down Santa’s arrival. See some of my favorite books below; classics included.

I must admit that I have a major love for baby blankets. They are so adorable and snugly and never go to waste. An extra bonus: they are the cutest accessory on a stroller or in the nursery. See my cozy baby quilt picks below.

Clothes and bows are yes, yes, and amen. SO fun! Sorry I am sticking with the super girly gift suggestions, but I am so enamored with hunting for baby Kate, so I am not branching out too much! Are you guys ready for these outfit options? Contain yourself 🙂

The little extras are so fun. I am so drawn to the precious stuffed-animal rattles or the tooth fairy in a box! See my favorite present picks that would also be perfect stocking stuffers (I can’t believe I am saying that phrase already). Hooray for the holiday season!

growing roots in LA.

Have any of you moved from the comfort of your home town to a brand new city? It’s hard and exciting, scary and exhilarating all at the same time, right? A melting pot of emotions in full effect. The unknown creates such drive and adventure, but at the same time, bursts of homesickness creep in. Before my move two years ago to beautiful Los Angeles, I had only experienced short term city swaps from Dallas to the Big Apple. Knowing I would be there for a few months created this ambition to experience all I could before I would arrive back home. Now, I am in for a new situation – coming to grips with the reality that Los Angeles might be home for life.

exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazine

So how do you begin?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the people that closely surround you develops the comfort of home. Yes, the local coffee shop or the running trail adds to the familiarity, but community at large is what settles you in. I must brag for a minute on my sweet man; Jason has been the most patient and grace-filled husband who has pushed me to grow in comfort with his already created California community (12 years and counting), and has been the one I run to to be reminded of how to make new friends. But, seriously! {enter laughing emoji}.

Side note: as you know, it takes intention and vulnerability to develop new close relationships! If we are honest, it can be utterly intimidating and exhausting. My piece of advice: stop expecting friendships to immediately be the same as your life-long ones at home, don’t lose hope, and enjoy the process! Allow yourself to be vulnerable + allow yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. That’s what builds the depth and fights against loneliness.

exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazine

I was talking to a friend today who moved to LA at the same time I did about two years ago, and we were confirming that it takes TIME to feel at home in a new city. The two of us have walked this journey together, of one day despising the traffic-filled canyons to the next day obsessing over the beach towns and stunning hiking trails in the neighborhood. The conclusion: we have learned to be patient with ourselves, realize the beauty around us and great progress we are making (even if it feels slower than we expected).

exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazine exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazine

Let’s be honest. It takes time to create a new home – to find and decorate a living space, to discover a new Pilates studio and juice shop, or your go-to breakfast cafe. Although they take research and test-tries, when you connect with a place, it’s such a victory!

exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazineMoving can be such a hard, yet beautiful thing. Focus on the positives of the accelerated growth it brings and keep yourself open to change. Be grateful for the opportunity that takes you outside of your familiarity and adds more depth and strength to your life. P.S. It’s okay to still have those missing home blues, too! The streets you grew up on will be home forever.

exploring your neighborhood | lolo magazine


splendid dress (c/o)| tom’s sunnies (similar) (c/o) | superga sneaks (non-platforms, here)

Recap: the Blueprint Event in Dallas.

First of all, Blue Print might be the most darling furniture store in Dallas. It sits on the cutest street that is filled with so much character, and the talent of interior design inside this gem of a spot is on another level. It truly is inspiring and gives me so many design ideas for our own house!

Lauren Sims and I had so much fun hosting this event with two of the precious owners, Cynthia and Leslie. We took a break from mingling with the most lovely ladies and discussed fall fashion trends and for the most fun part – Cynthia and Leslie filled us in on where interior trends are heading. Thank goodness it doesn’t shift as fast as the sartorial world – we would be broke! They also gave us tips on how to design well. The keys: have good foundational pieces and start with a neutral palette (hint hint: white walls allow for fabulous textures and colors in fabric and furniture).

Last night was such a special time! Thanks for everyone who came out to join! xx

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circle seven five

I’ve come to discover recently that a large majority of you guys are fellow Dallas-ites! Which is why I’m so excited today to talk about Circle Seven Five. I’m assuming most of you have heard of it by now, but just in case you haven’t…allow me to introduce you to this wonderful network of women!

To quote one of our members: “Circle Seven Five is a group of women from the DFW area who desire friendships, non-competitive environments, good laughs, and networking.” Honestly this is a group of women like I’ve never experienced before. I grew up in church and had that circle of friends, I was in a sorority in college and had that circle of friends, but honestly ya’ll, finding a good network of girl friends after college is tough. I was so happy when I met Cassidy (founder and creator of CSF) and she told me about this wonderful group!


Here’s how I can explain this group in a nutshell: it’s amazing for professional networking and finding connections, it’s great if you’re just needing a solid group of girl friends in the Dallas area, and it helps you get to know Dallas through all of the fun events we do at different restaurants or parks or fitness studios. It’s one of those groups that “you get out of it what you put into it.” You could go to every event and probably meet your new bff, or you could just go to a few here and there just to have something to fill an empty night!

Regardless though, I cannot say enough good things about this group of women. Fun-loving, encouraging, and just a great group of girls. I highly recommend you look into it if you’re wanting to network with other women in Dallas, or if you’re just looking for a good group of girl friends!

To give you a peek into what a regular month is like for CSF members: Circle Seven Five hosts an average of 4 events per month, and has partnered with Dallas names like Pure Barre Preston Hollow, Matthew Trent Jewelry and Riffraff for exclusive experiences for members. Events range from fitness activities, monthly member lunches, and macaroon baking classes to happy hour events focusing on first time home buying and a new series called “For Curious Minds” educational information for the young professional.

If you’re interested in signing up to join CSF or learn more about it, click this link to get all the info! ALSO if you’re not in Dallas but you think you’d be interested in joining CSF, you can vote for CSF to come to your city!

dallas favorites

Whether you’ve lived in Dallas your whole life, or you’re brand new here, finding your “regular” spots in a city can be a struggle. I want to share with ya’ll today some of my absolutely favorite spots in Dallas (or what I think are some of the best spots in Dallas – specifically for food, hair, nails, and lashes. you know – the important things in life!)

Speaking from personal experience here: I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life but it wasn’t until recently when I finally found my “regulars”, and honestly, they are just too good to not share with ya’ll! So, if you’re like me and have forever been searching for the perfect hair stylists, or nail salon, look no further.




best-spots-in-dallasDress c/o Splendid | Clutch c/o Clare V | Earrings c/o Kendra Scott | Bracelets | Sunnies (endless eyewear subscription! use code “laurenkaysims” to get first month free!)


  1. Hair salon – Charleigh at FORM salon does my balayage color and she has been my hair hero! Going from dark brunette to “bronde” (brown/blonde) was a process but she has been amazing at really listening to and giving me exactly what I want! I personally think FORM is the best hair salon in Dallas, because of Charleigh, because of the location, and because I’m super happy with my hair everytime I leave there!
  2. Nail salon – Bellacures Dallas is the first nail salon I have ever been a “regular” at. The location is super convenient (in Preston center) and the people who work there are all so nice and friendly! Everything is super clean (and cute!) on the inside. They have tons of color options and they always do the best job with my mani/pedi. Lasts me 3 weeks at least! In my opinion, Bellacures is the best nail salon in Dallas.
  3. Lash extensions – Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This is not something that would be on most people’s “must” lists. I thought the same thing until I found Amanda at Southern Belle Lash in Plano. I first got lash extensions before going on a girls beach trip to Mexico. The lashes were amazing and I didn’t have to wear eye make-up the whole trip. After realizing how long they stayed on and how low maintenace they were, I decided I wanted them all the time! You basically wake up and go to the gym looking like you have full eye-make up on when you’re wearing none.

Now for the food. This dress was shot last night at R+D Kitchen in Dallas. Absolutely in my top 3 favorite restaurants in Dallas.

best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallasI’ll be real with ya’ll – I’m a foodie, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to food. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat anything but I really, really enjoy good food. R+D Kitchen has been my favorite for a while for a few reasons:

  1. Ambiance – it’s not too casual but it’s not too fancy. It’s the perfect date night spot, but could also be the perfect “mom’s in town, let’s go to brunch” spot. You can dress up if you want, or jeans would also be just fine!
  2. Service – I’ve never had a bad waiter at R+D. They are all so kind and helpful, but not in a way that interrupts your meal. They make the best recommendations and always take such good care of us
  3. The food, duh. If you can’t tell by these pictures, their food is OUT of this world. They have a smaller menu, but everything on it is a 10 on a 10. (My favorite is the Thai Tuna roll!)

I hope this guide helps you find some new favorite spots in Dallas and enjoy this city even more! Comment with any questions you might have, or let me know some of your favorite Dallas spots!

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the perfect date night dress.

Michael and I went to Mercat Bistro in Dallas last night for a date night and I cannot say enough amazing things about it! The food was a 10 on a 10 and the service was amazing. Also, if you haven’t been there, it’s very Parisian-inspired and everything there is just adorable and so romantic. I highly recommend!

I wore this little yellow off-the-shoulder dress for our date night and felt so feminine yet comfortable! I love that this yellow color is bright and summery, but could easily transition into fall as well.

date-night-dresses date-night-dresses date-night-dresses
date-night-dresses date-night-dresses

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