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An Inside Look at #NYFW – Rubin & Chapelle

An inside look at some of my favorite shows from #NYFW – Nicole Clevenger

I am so excited to take you into the world of fashion week where each new season, designers have an opportunity to share the way in which they’ve grown their personal style and aesthetic with the world.

Twice a year, hundreds of photographers, celebrities, bloggers, and industry geniuses come together to get a first-hand look at some of the brilliant collections and trends to come. They come to see how designers are either challenging or changing the “fashion quo” and leave inspired by the hair, the make-up, the models, and the clothes – the elements that tell story of what next season’s “woman” will embody.

Below you will get a first-hand look at some of the brilliant fall/winter collections you can expect to see later this year along with my perspective of the type of woman who will be wearing their clothes.

Rubin & Chapelle


Location: The Top of the Standard Hotel (aka: the Boom Boom Room)

Known for their light and crisp aesthetic, Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle debuted an elegant and angular look in what I like to call the “Great Gatsby” room at the Top of the Standard Hotel. The models were brought out before a band of photographers to show off the angular prints and asymmetric hemlines which were inspired by Scottish menswear. My favorite aspect of this collection is its surprising softness. Even though the contrast of light pinks against dark greys initially bare an edgier look, I imagine the silk fabrics lying delicately on the woman who is looking to leave a comfortable and elegant impression.

Collection Elements:

  • Colors: greys, pinks, black, mauve, sky blue:
  • Shoes: sneakers, rain boots
  • Makeup: muted neutrals, pale pink eye shadow
  • Hair: slicked side-part in a low pony-tail

2-13-RubinChapelle-2-min 2-13-RubinChapelle-3-min 2-13-RubinChapelle-6-min rubin-chapelle01-min rubin-chapelle02-min rubin-chapelle05-min rubin-chapelle06-min rubin-chapelle08-min rubin-chapelle10-min rubin-chapelle11-min rubin-chapelle13-min rubin-chapelle15-min

Sources for photos:


bits and pieces: isabel marant fall 2014.

isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-01_105743173312 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-02_1057447193042 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-05_1057463481242 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-06_105746276822 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-11_105750534335 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-14_1057529311282 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-17_1057544552302 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-28_1058014680682 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-29_1058028292362 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-31_1058034681522 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-32_1058048465672 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-33_1058056395162 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-36_1058069876402 isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-runway-42_1058112561682

spotted: valentino look-alikes.

I spotted these epic Valentino ‘Rockstud’ look-alikes as I was walking out of Nordstrom today. How beautiful are these? Bravo Sam Edelman!! I can’t wait to wear them {p.s. I love the heel height}!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.56.59 PM

The Art of Julie Michel

I came across an email one day from my fabulous stylist friend introducing me to a concept that was a bit foreign to me, yet it intrigued me quite a bit. He highly suggested that I meet Julie Michel, a So Cal native yet Texas girl that decided to blend two of her talents: art and fashion.  He explained to me that she started a clothing line five years ago where she digitally prints her art onto fabric. I initially thought, “hmmm, this sounds like it could be either really good or a bit frightening,” so I jumped over to her website for a sneak peak. I was pleasantly surprised, but it wasn’t until I was playing in her in-home studio that I felt utterly amazed. The fabrics are sublime. The silhouettes are on-trend, sexy, and flattering, and side note: her paintings are beyond. She told me to pick a few pieces to try on, and that was a struggle. I wanted to try on the entire rack of designs! They were that good. They were that statement making. Oh and must I mention, they are completely work-worthy. Plus, they flawlessly reflect her love for color, just as her art portfolio does.


The plus signs to her work:

#1 I heart small businesses because they exude risk, hard work, and the desire to accomplish a dream.

#2 Everything is manufactured in Dallas, Texas.

#3 She prints natural fabrics with her own art so that you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.


Wait…one more thing…did I mention that she creates pillows, note cards, and phone cases (just to name a few) straight from her artwork too?? Hi, stocking stuffers or #bestgiftever.

“It is so fun to see my artwork animated by stylish wearers. My styles are simple and clean so the art can speak.”


this look for fall is beyond. #ragandbonerules
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 4.13.48 PMfind the lyon skirt here.
add slight color with the becca top.
there is nothing better than an oversized pullover.
hi, amazing booties.

Rebecca Minkoff at CUSP.

I think (aka I am positive) that Rebecca Minkoff is one of the top tier designers for us girls in our 20′s to adorable moms in their 50′s. Why is this? Her designs are beyond extraordinary and the price point is so reasonable. Buyer’s remorse is impossible with her exquisitely fun bags (talk about a brilliant birthday gift), runway worthy shoes, and statement ensembles (you’re bound to look fabulous).

All of the above declarations are most definitely the reasons we adore this lovely designer from afar, but many of us had the privilege of getting to chat with Rebecca Wednesday night at CUSP in Neiman Marcus Northpark. The post-event conclusions: all we can say is she is a doll + what a fabulous event filled with the cutest cake balls, pretty cocktails, and on-site monogramming.

P.S. Loved wearing the Rebecca Minkoff Kirk dress!! Check it out here.