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Dutch Braid: How-To

Most girls have their “go-to” hair style for any date night or party. Mine is always just down with big

Top Knot || How To

Ladies and gentlemen (well, probably just ladies but you never know). I am SO excited to feature Tracy Melton on

5 Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Here are our 5 Friday Faves for this week: Favorite Dry Shampoo: Meta Revive dry shampoo {total

the loose messy braid.

Hi, loose messy braid. My boho-self is totally inspired by you. Michael Kors 2015, you truly can do no wrong

let’s talk hair.

Growing up, my sister and I always naturally split the roles: I did the hair; she did the makeup. In

drybar love.

sometimes you just need to be pampered. I will never decline a mani/pedi, but having someone play with your hair