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the beauty list.

I must admit, I am the girl who could research beauty products for hours on end. Reading about the essentials for healthy hair and great skin could get me lost for hours + I want to hear real life stories about the potential of a product, so reviews are my greatest friend. Unlike my occasional clothing binge at Zara, before I add something to my beauty cabinet or shower shelf, I create a logical reason why it is a necessary purchase.


I am so excited to share with you the top three beauty products that are my current live-withouts:

Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
This body powder aka healthy perfume is my safety blanket. I love to travel with it, and I put it on under my arms before I put on my deodorant for extra freshness. Not to mention, it is the most calming after-shower scent before I get in bed. P.S. This is one of my favorite gift additions for my girlfriends (or it is the cutest stocking stuffer)!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
You guys. This pre-shampoo treatment has truly changed my hair. I have possibly tried every hair care product in the book, and I have never experienced such significant change in my locks! It drastically improved the strength of my hair + extra bonus: it has caused my hair to grow so fast! The way it works: mask this on your locks for 10-20 minutes before shampooing.

Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Therapy
This product is truly magical. I remember reading reviews mentioning it’s ability to never need a hair cut again after using this potion, so I couldn’t help but add it to my cart. After just a few days of pumping a dime-size amount of the cream into my hands and working it through my locks, I noticed less and less dry ends AKA diminishing split ends. The trick is that the cream seals, repairs, and protects, so it’s proactive and reactive. I love their shampoo and condition too – they are specified for colored hair and heavily moisturize without weighing hair down!

best hair dryer

Happy Friday ya’ll! I’ve been getting alot of requests recently for a hair tutorial. I have a curling hair tutorial in the making, which will hopefully be a video! But, there’s a very important step that comes before the curling iron and that is: the blow drying.

Like any other girl, I used to despise drying my hair. It takes forever, it’s somewhat exhausting, and I end up sweating after I just showered. So for a while now, I’d been on the hunt for the best hair dryer. One that would dry my hair quickly, and do as little damage to my hair as possible.

Enter T3. This hair dryer isn’t cheap,  but it has totally changed my attitude towards drying my hair. First of all, it cuts the time in half that I spend drying it. Second of all, it’s not damaging to your hair like most hair dryers. There’s so much technology behind this thing, it’s not even funny. But it’s clinically proven to be healthier than air drying, with up to: 73% reduction in frizz, 86% increase in body, 19% increase in shine, 33% increase in comb-ability and 48% increase in style retention. It also uses SoftAire which generates a greater volume of air and weaves through the dryer at the ideal heat and speed for faster and healthier drying. Oh, and it has a 2-year warrantly. So it actually is the best hair dryer ever.

Here’s a little step-by-step I put together for you to show how I blow dry my hair at home!

best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryerbest-hair-dryerbest-hair-dryerFirst of all, I swear by this Oribe Royal Blowout spray. I call it a miracle in a bottle! It somehow makes your hair dry faster, protects it from heat, provides moisture, and helps seal split ends all at the same time. Worth it. So, step 1 is, while your hair is still wet, use this spray (or another heat protecting spray) from mid-shaft to your ends (really focusing on the ends). Comb through (my favorite comb & brush is a wet brush).

best-hair-dryerbest-hair-dryer best-hair-dryerNext step is to just power dry all of your hair without a brush. Just get as much of the intial moisture out as possible, before you actually start styling it. I blow dry my hair on the highest heat setting and highest power setting.

best-hair-dryerbest-hair-dryerNext, section your hair off to where only the bottom 1/3 of your hair is left out to dry. Blow dry the bottom part of your hair using a round brush (I personally like a really big round brush because I think they’re easier to use, and you get  more volume!)

best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryerbest-hair-dryerLet down the next 1/3 of your hair, leaving only your bangs and very top layer of your hair clipped up. Blow dry this section with a round brush, focusing on your roots, to get some good lift.

best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryerNow let the very top section of your hair down and blow dry your bangs first. If you don’t have bangs, or have awkwardly long ones like me, I like to blow dry mine back away from my face. But, using the round brush, you should pretty much blow dry them in every direction to avoid any kind of cowlick! You can use the blow dryer to help you round brush by putting the dryer underneath the section you are round brushing (see photos above).

best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryer best-hair-dryerAfter you’re done round brushing each section, go back through just with your hands and the dryer to make sure everything is dry, and there are no damp spots left. What I love about this round brush is that it makes your hair super smooth and straight, without having to use a flat iron.

Hope this helps with any hair drying questions you might have had! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments if I didn’t explain anything correctly! And I highly encourage you to try out the T3 hair dryer. In my opinion, it truly is the best hair dryer out there. This specific T3 hair dryer (the PROi) is only available at Sephora, but you can find more T3 products here! xx

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hair masques: just do it

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about hair – what I use to curl it, how I curl it, favorite hair products, etc. SO I wanted to start a series today about hair. Today is going to be all about hair masques – why their important and which ones I love. (I’m hoping to do a tutorial soon on how I curl my hair but am still exploring the whole video concept!)

So, hair masque’s. Before you tune me out and say “that’s just extra money I don’t need to spend on my hair”, hear me out. If you have perfectly healthy hair and have never colored it in your life and it grows extremely fast, then you’re right. You might not need to spend the money on the best hair masque. But, if you’re like me or probably 90% of females today, read on my friends.

I have been obsessed with coloring my hair for longer than I’d like to admit. I always say life is too short to have boring hair. The downside to this is the damage color can put on your hair. If you’re like me and color your hair regularly or semi-often, a good hair masque is a must. Even if you don’t color it, but you dry it, flat iron it, or curl it regularly, you should also look into a good hair masque.

The two masques above (Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque and Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color) are by far my favorites and have saved and repaired my hair from so much damage! The first one is for anyone – color treated hair or not. Here’s just a few of the highlights: it moisturizes and restores hair without weighing it down, provides intense nourishment and conditioning, rebuilds and fortifies each fiber, strengthens the cuticle and fills in weak spots, adds softness, shine and body. I LOVE how my hair feels after I use this masque! I usually do it about once a week. This is so critical if you’re trying to grow your hair out, or want long healthy strong hair. I’ve been using it for about two months now and can tell a huge difference in the health of my hair.

The second masque (masque for beautiful color) is perfect for people with color-treated hair or if you spend alot of time in the sun. It helps you maintain your beautiful color (you know, the first day when you get your hair done and you love it). The technology in this masque gives you lasting protection from the sun and other elements, it counteracts the dulling and drying effects of regular color treatments, and it keeps hair in the best condition, both in response to and in preparation for ongoing color treatments. If you color your hair regularly, this masque is a must. I alternate between using this one and the gold lust masque. (So I’ll do gold lust one week, masque for beautiful color the next week – sometimes even more often than that!)

I hope ya’ll try these out and have no doubt you will love them as much as I do! Let me know your thoughts or if you have any favorite hair treatments!


dallas favorites

Whether you’ve lived in Dallas your whole life, or you’re brand new here, finding your “regular” spots in a city can be a struggle. I want to share with ya’ll today some of my absolutely favorite spots in Dallas (or what I think are some of the best spots in Dallas – specifically for food, hair, nails, and lashes. you know – the important things in life!)

Speaking from personal experience here: I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life but it wasn’t until recently when I finally found my “regulars”, and honestly, they are just too good to not share with ya’ll! So, if you’re like me and have forever been searching for the perfect hair stylists, or nail salon, look no further.




best-spots-in-dallasDress c/o Splendid | Clutch c/o Clare V | Earrings c/o Kendra Scott | Bracelets | Sunnies (endless eyewear subscription! use code “laurenkaysims” to get first month free!)


  1. Hair salon – Charleigh at FORM salon does my balayage color and she has been my hair hero! Going from dark brunette to “bronde” (brown/blonde) was a process but she has been amazing at really listening to and giving me exactly what I want! I personally think FORM is the best hair salon in Dallas, because of Charleigh, because of the location, and because I’m super happy with my hair everytime I leave there!
  2. Nail salon – Bellacures Dallas is the first nail salon I have ever been a “regular” at. The location is super convenient (in Preston center) and the people who work there are all so nice and friendly! Everything is super clean (and cute!) on the inside. They have tons of color options and they always do the best job with my mani/pedi. Lasts me 3 weeks at least! In my opinion, Bellacures is the best nail salon in Dallas.
  3. Lash extensions – Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This is not something that would be on most people’s “must” lists. I thought the same thing until I found Amanda at Southern Belle Lash in Plano. I first got lash extensions before going on a girls beach trip to Mexico. The lashes were amazing and I didn’t have to wear eye make-up the whole trip. After realizing how long they stayed on and how low maintenace they were, I decided I wanted them all the time! You basically wake up and go to the gym looking like you have full eye-make up on when you’re wearing none.

Now for the food. This dress was shot last night at R+D Kitchen in Dallas. Absolutely in my top 3 favorite restaurants in Dallas.

best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallas best-spots-in-dallasI’ll be real with ya’ll – I’m a foodie, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to food. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat anything but I really, really enjoy good food. R+D Kitchen has been my favorite for a while for a few reasons:

  1. Ambiance – it’s not too casual but it’s not too fancy. It’s the perfect date night spot, but could also be the perfect “mom’s in town, let’s go to brunch” spot. You can dress up if you want, or jeans would also be just fine!
  2. Service – I’ve never had a bad waiter at R+D. They are all so kind and helpful, but not in a way that interrupts your meal. They make the best recommendations and always take such good care of us
  3. The food, duh. If you can’t tell by these pictures, their food is OUT of this world. They have a smaller menu, but everything on it is a 10 on a 10. (My favorite is the Thai Tuna roll!)

I hope this guide helps you find some new favorite spots in Dallas and enjoy this city even more! Comment with any questions you might have, or let me know some of your favorite Dallas spots!

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hair shots | my secret weapon

If you’ve been following me for longer than a few weeks now, you’ve probably gathered that working out and staying active is a big part of my life. I try and work out 5-6 days a week and I love it. The only problem with this though, is showering. I know it’s not good for your hair to wash it everyday, but I’m not one of those girls who “glistens” when they work out. It’s a full-on, nasty, sweat.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Because of this hair-washing dilemma, I was SO happy when I discovered Hair Shots. It’s an on-the-go hair fragrance that comes in tons of amazing scents. (My favorite is either coconut mango or strawberry!)

Strawberry-300x390 Coconut-Mango-300x390These bottles are only $11.99 and so easy to just throw in your purse or gym bag. I rarely have time to come home after a work out, shower, fix my hair, and then head out for the day. So, I carry one of these little bottles around in my purse, spray it in my hair after I work out, and go straight to a lunch meeting or errand-running!

I also use Hair Shots after I get out of the shower, either before or after I blow dry my hair. I am all about really expensive shampoos that are good for your hair, but those aren’t always the best-smelling ones. Hair Shots makes your hair smell amazing, but without being too overpowering or conflicting with your perfume! It’s also heat activated, so it will smell even better once you  hit the gym or start working up that sweat.

Just wanted to share this new discovery with you in hopes that you love it as much as I do! 🙂 You can check out their website here and follow them on instagram here!



There are some things in life we as women know are bad for us, and yet we do it anyway. ie: eating raw cookie dough, being on our phones right before bed, too much time in the sun, and lastly – coloring our hair. I personally have been (off and on) coloring my hair since I was about 15 which is why I think it’s so crucial to invest in good quality hair care product. Not only so your hair doesn’t fry off before you’re 30, but also to keep your color looking beautiful for as long as possible!

After years of trying different products from salons or drug stores, I’ve finally found a routine that works great for my hair, and has kept me from continuing to buy new products just to “try them out”!

First of all, I am a total Oribe girl. I have been using their Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner for about two years now and am hooked. It makes my color stay looking good for so long + I love how it makes my hair smell and feel. The shampoo is formulated for all hair types, especially those with hair that has been damaged by time, styling, or processing. And being the girly girl that I am, I style my hair almost every day! The conditioner moisturizes and restores youthful hair without weighing it down, while simultaneously conditioning the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. And let’s be real – what girl isn’t trying to grow her hair out?

Oribe came out with a new product recently that I’ve added to my hair care routine & am in love with it! Their Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner for beautiful color come in adorable pink bottles & have made all the difference with my color. I know what you’re thinking: “she’s not blonde“. I recently got highlights though that I love, and thanks to this shampoo and conditioner, the highlights have not turned brassy or gotten dull. The shampoo cleanses your hair with an optimal level of violet pigment to visibly brighten and eliminate brassiness, without affecting the brilliance of color! {Styling note: I alternate between using the bright blonde shampoo & conditioner and the gold lust. I switch off every hair wash}

The last “hair-necessity” in my routine is a good quality hair mask/remedy. Rita Hazan recently came out with an amazing product called Weekly Remedy – a two-step at home treatment that dramatically delivers salon-quality hydration and repair instantly. The first time I used this product, I could not believe how soft and silky my hair was after! I didn’t even have to straighten it after blow drying because it was so smooth. It’s also so easy to use: After shampooing, you put on “step 1”, leave it on for a minute, then wash it out. After that, you put on “step 2”, leave it on for a minute, then rinse. Weekly Remedy’s technology transforms the hair follicle from the inside out to treat, repair, and protect. This is crucial if you are trying to grow your hair out or have damage from styling or coloring!

Trust me on this one – you will love each of these products. Let me know if you try them out! Love hearing ya’lls feedback! xx

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