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There are some things in life we as women know are bad for us, and yet we do it anyway. ie: eating raw cookie dough, being on our phones right before bed, too much time in the sun, and lastly – coloring our hair. I personally have been (off and on) coloring my hair since I was about 15 which is why I think it’s so crucial to invest in good quality hair care product. Not only so your hair doesn’t fry off before you’re 30, but also to keep your color looking beautiful for as long as possible!

After years of trying different products from salons or drug stores, I’ve finally found a routine that works great for my hair, and has kept me from continuing to buy new products just to “try them out”!

First of all, I am a total Oribe girl. I have been using their Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner for about two years now and am hooked. It makes my color stay looking good for so long + I love how it makes my hair smell and feel. The shampoo is formulated for all hair types, especially those with hair that has been damaged by time, styling, or processing. And being the girly girl that I am, I style my hair almost every day! The conditioner moisturizes and restores youthful hair without weighing it down, while simultaneously conditioning the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. And let’s be real – what girl isn’t trying to grow her hair out?

Oribe came out with a new product recently that I’ve added to my hair care routine & am in love with it! Their Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner for beautiful color come in adorable pink bottles & have made all the difference with my color. I know what you’re thinking: “she’s not blonde“. I recently got highlights though that I love, and thanks to this shampoo and conditioner, the highlights have not turned brassy or gotten dull. The shampoo cleanses your hair with an optimal level of violet pigment to visibly brighten and eliminate brassiness, without affecting the brilliance of color! {Styling note: I alternate between using the bright blonde shampoo & conditioner and the gold lust. I switch off every hair wash}

The last “hair-necessity” in my routine is a good quality hair mask/remedy. Rita Hazan recently came out with an amazing product called Weekly Remedy – a two-step at home treatment that dramatically delivers salon-quality hydration and repair instantly. The first time I used this product, I could not believe how soft and silky my hair was after! I didn’t even have to straighten it after blow drying because it was so smooth. It’s also so easy to use: After shampooing, you put on “step 1″, leave it on for a minute, then wash it out. After that, you put on “step 2″, leave it on for a minute, then rinse. Weekly Remedy’s technology transforms the hair follicle from the inside out to treat, repair, and protect. This is crucial if you are trying to grow your hair out or have damage from styling or coloring!

Trust me on this one – you will love each of these products. Let me know if you try them out! Love hearing ya’lls feedback! xx

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Dutch Braid: How-To

Most girls have their “go-to” hair style for any date night or party. Mine is always just down with big curls, hair spray, and lots of volume (basic Dallas girl, I know). I’m so excited to share with you though a new idea for any holiday or new years party you have coming up! I love a good braid and Tracy Melton has showed us step-by-step how to do an adorable half up dutch braid.


Start by spritzing your hair with a sea salt spray to get a good beach wave going. From there you’ll curl your hair from the bottom up to the crown with a curling wand. Run your hands through it to loosen up the waves.


IL6A0798-27 IL6A0838-40

Next, part your hair on the side. Take about a two inch section of hair from your forehead back. Begin your Dutch braid. *For those of you who don’t know what a Dutch braid is, it’s like an inside-out French braid. Same steps as a French braid but you go underneath with your strands instead of over*

IL6A0875-50 IL6A0847-42

Once you have two braids complete, here comes the fun part! The trick to get larger, fuller braids is to gently pull them out. You’ll take each braid and give it a nice tug in order to make your braid look ‘large and in charge’.

From there, criss-cross the braids in the back and tuck the ends under. Hold them in place with bobby pins. Finish off with hair spray and you’re set!

IL6A0888-54 IL6A0883-52



IL6A0927-65 IL6A0909-60

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Top Knot || How To

Ladies and gentlemen (well, probably just ladies but you never know). I am SO excited to feature Tracy Melton on today’s post! Tracy did my hair and make-up for my wedding day and is incredibly gifted. In addition to that, she’s just the cutest thing you’ll ever meet!

Lots of girls have asked me how to do a good top-knot. The ones I do on my own are always super messy and fall down, so Tracy here has created a step-by-step tutorial (pictures included!) to teach you all how to get the perfect top-knot. Enjoy!


Dress | Scarf | Earrings | Booties | Nail Color | Gold link bracelet | David Yurman bracelet

Here’s Tracy’s step-by-step instructions!

Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail at the crown and securing it with a hair band.

Once secured, take a comb and give your mane a tease. Teasing is an important step if you have fine or thin hair – helps to bulk it up and give it some grip.

From there, simply twist the teased ponytail (loosely) to help form the shape.

Continue by wrapping the twisted hair around the base of the hair band creating the bun shape.

Secure in place with bobby pins. Don’t be scared to tug at the bun to get it to the desired height and shape. Tuck in any strays and finish off with hair spray. You’re all set!

Tip: To make this look more messy and lived-in, take the palms of your hands and rub them on your temples and near your ears to loosen up more face framing hairs. You can also pull on your bun to make it more textured.

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Photos by: Kristen Dee Photography

5 Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Here are our 5 Friday Faves for this week:

  1. Favorite Dry Shampoo: Meta Revive dry shampoo {total lifesaver! I use this far more often than I’d like to admit. Gives your hair great volume too}.
  2. Favorite hair mask: Oribe Signature mask {I color my hair way too often and this mask has saved it from so much damage or breakage!}
  3. Favorite foundation: Mac SPF Foundation
  4. Favorite daily face wash: Kate Somerville purifying cleanser {Once I was introduced to Kate products, I never went back! Total game changer for my skin}
  5. Favorite fall dress: tribal yolk dress {I wore this dress to NYFW and several of you had asked where to get it. It’s now available online!}


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the loose messy braid.

Hi, loose messy braid. My boho-self is totally inspired by you. Michael Kors 2015, you truly can do no wrong || thanks for the major hair inspo.

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Photos: Vogue

let’s talk hair.

Growing up, my sister and I always naturally split the roles: I did the hair; she did the makeup. In fact, when we moved apart, I slightly panicked wondering if I could break from my dependence on her artistic abilities. In the hair realm, Britt’s signature was the ‘throw it up in a pony tail,’ and mine was always the ’round-brushed always down’ look. {styling hair truly became a passion of mine}. I rarely branch out of that organic, naturally straight or beach waved look, but I am inspired by those that do. #stuckinmycomfortzone || All that to say, after many trials and errors, these are the hair products that are now my live with-outs.
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.31.32 PM
From the shampoo I use to the spray-in conditioner and finishing spray (that smells divine + handles friz), these have added so much health to my locks. They have truly protected it from heat damage + enlivened my blonde. Not to mention, these make my hair thick + shiny + soft (but not too unable-to-style soft). Also, I showed two different hair sprays I use in the scroll below: the Moroccan oil is my day time spray; it keeps my hair in place without constricting the movement. The Kerastase is my night time spray; it is a bit stronger and provides the perfect amount of hold.