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Putting your face on

Every girl has a different morning routine of “putting her face on”. For  those of you that aren’t set on your

Mascara: A Girl’s Best Friend

MAC Cosmetics has introduced a new mascara to their line, Zoom Fast Black Lash. The formula is similar to the

Eyeshadow Craze: The Color to Buy for Fall

To be glamorous and earthy at the same time is the name of the game this fall season, and one

Big Mineral Fusion Giveaway: Refer a Friend to Win!!

Sign up for the Daily LOdown to be entered to win over $100 worth of Mineral Fusion make-up and products!

Mineral Fusion: Make-up that Feeds Your Skin

It’s official. I am enthralled by organic skin care, and this includes the fun stuff: makeup. It was a few