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my makeup go-tos.

If I’m honest, I would rather spend an hour on my hair and five minutes on my makeup when I am getting ready. My sister has always been so talented at the art of blending eye shadows and making your face a masterpiece, so my focus remained on curling my hair with a straightener and round brushing my locks. I have started getting more into makeup the last few years, although I generally prefer more of a natural look. Buuuut…I still have my all time favorites (some I use every day; some are saved for special occasions).
Clockwise from the left:

‘Diorskin Airflash’ Spray Foundation: I wear this on night’s when I want my make-up to last. This makes your skin look like porcelain yet still looks natural. I use this buffer brush to blend it into my skin.

MAC Eye Brow Brush: Filling in eye brow gaps and naturally shaping them makes a world of difference.

MAC Paint/Brown Script Eyeshadow/Sketch Eyeshadow: Putting on this MAC paint will keep your eyeshadow in tact all night. These are my go-to shades that I wear to a dinner out with friends, a fun event, or a work meeting.

MAC Select Cover Up: On the sleepiest day, this will make you look fresh and bright. I use this brush to apply.

Chantecaille ‘Hi Definition’ Perfecting Powder: I always put this on after my everyday foundation using this brush, and it makes your look skin flawless.

MAC Powder Blush/MAC Bronzing Powder: Most of the time I use only the bronzer, but at times I use the blush on my cheek bones to add some color and dimension.

my every day favorites.

Joe’s Jeans Laney pumps/Tory Burch ‘Thea’ tote/Ray Ban sunnies/MAC ‘Zoom Fast’ Mascara/Sleeping Eye Mask/Bauble Bar earrings

gift guide: for her

Here are some present picks for the mommas, besties, sisters, and all the other sweet women in your life. Merry {almost} Christmas!
1. There is nothing like a good sleep short that even makes a t-shirt look adorable.

2. Jo Malone perfume is always a treat. See all of the choices here.

3. Epic holiday night: movies, popcorn and the Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Sleeping Bunny’ Slipper

4. A perfect winter day: no makeup, hair up, and a good UGG over yoga pants.

5. These fabulous earrings are suitable for any holiday extravaganza.

6. The most adorable iPhone case.

7. Could this shrunken tote be any cuter?

8. A good oversized cashmere beanie is a winter winner.

9. What’s not to love about these Fairfax sunnies?

10. I adore this Bobbi Brown ‘hot cocoa’ palette.

11. Isn’t snoring the worst? Just tune it out with Bose Noise Cancelling Ear Buds.

12. A peel or a facial at The Skin Studio. The owner and my esthetician, Shelly, has truly changed my skin.

13. This perfecting mask is my hero.

14. Packed Party Package aka “parties-in-a-box for ladies to send to their gal pals.” {obsessed}

obsession of the day: sheer lip liner

In preparation for a beachy trip this past summer, I was on the hunt for a perfect pink lipstick (MAC Snob is amaze). This seemingly simple task turned out to be better than that burst of excitement when you find the right shade for the following reason: I was introduced to the ‘Contour Fill’ lip pencil.


In fact, it made my general packing list in the notes section on my iPhone. If it makes that list, it’s one of my can’t-live-withouts. The reasons why it is oh so good: #1 It’s Chantecaille, a brand that will never steer you wrong. #2 This lip liner works for anyone because it’s shadeless. #3 It actually works! (my favorite YSL lipstick doesn’t bleed anymore). Hooray!
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5.37.59 PM


Beauty Spotlight: Edward Bess

This month we set our focus on Edward Bess. Even though he is only 25 years old Edward has an impressive history in fashion, arts and of course beauty. The line started at Bergdorf’s with the lip wardrobe: a set containing ten lipsticks and five glosses. Since then the line has developed into a complete collection that is known as the best of the best. Sold only in New York and Beverly Hills it is now available exclusively at Forty Five Ten in Dallas.

Edward and I have a few things in common but one in particular serves as a major influence on our beauty vision; our mother. I will always have the memory of shopping with my mother all over the world in search of the perfect pink lipstick. I have never known her to wear any other color. From Egypt to Belgium that perfect pink was very hard to find. She’s a minimalist when it comes to makeup wearing only lipstick, mascara, and sometimes blush. When clients ask me how I feel makeup should be applied I usually respond with – less is more (which happens to be one of Edward’s beauty mottos too). After an application I want to see my client light up and I want them to feel beautiful. I might use foundation, concealer, powders and play with color but the end result should be natural beauty.

The Edward Bess collection is chic, fun and simple. He doesn’t throw in a million colors, tons of glitter or crazy packaging. The line offers many options that are easy for any woman to work with at home for a simple day look to a glamorous evening look. Inside the sleek black compacts are natural and playful colors made with the best formulas I have ever worked with. If I could sum up the collection I would say that Edward Bess is the perfect little black dress – timeless and always beautiful. At the store I offer consultations, technique lessons and applications for any occasion including bridal. If you have never used this line before get ready to fall in love.

Beauty Spotlight: Bright Lights, Beautiful City

Trending for spring are bright colors – everywhere you look from pillows, shoes, and lip colors that match. Wearing bright eye shadows or lipsticks can be stressful to some but essentially the goal is a look that is glowing and easy-breezy. I’ve created a look which works for almost everyone using products that create luminous healthy looking skin that “gives good glow.”

Let’s begin with: beauty starts with skin care! I’ve said it time and time again, it is much better to have flawless skin over a flawless foundation so do not overlook the importance of a skin care regimen. I’m a little OCD when it comes to skin care and I’ve always been a product junkie, but this is a large subject we will continue with next month (I could write a book on skin care with what I’ve learned over the years). This month we highlight achieving the perfect glow and how to play with bright colors while keeping a look that is natural and never over done.

Choosing the right products: finding the right coverage and an illuminator that works with your skin tone/texture is very important. I often will use a concealer and powder bronzer rather than layering foundation, concealer, powders and creams all together. Day to day makeup should be light, easy, and quick to apply – only when a camera gets involved do I add a little extra. So for most a little concealer (around the nose, eyes and on any spots/red areas) blended out with a bronzer can be all that’s needed. If you prefer a foundation I suggest something that has a light to medium coverage and I would recommended purchasing foundation that does not have skin care claims – those claims are best left for your moisturizer or serum to handle. Your foundation shouldn’t be over formulated otherwise the end result will most likely be cakey, flaky or dull. Please, I beg, keep skin care separate from makeup.

When it’s time to play with color I suggest adding a perfect pink or red lip-gloss/lip-stick to your collection. It may take a little shopping around but finding the right shade and texture is more important than you may think – if in doubt go for sheer! If you do decide on sporting a bright lip, keep the eyes minimal. I like using peachy or champagne colored illuminating eye shadows. No dark crease color necessary, however feel free to add a little of your blush color on the center of the crease/lid area. Finish with mascara and for day skip the liner – the mascara usually is all that’s needed for some definition. It’s quick and easy with this application to add and go into an evening look.

If you are looking for a product to reflect the light and add a glow try to avoid anything that has glitter. There is a big difference between glitter and shimmer- there are few times glitter is okay but it’s never during the day. I like using a cream that can be easily blended with a brush or fingers onto the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes. Depending on your preference (if you’re oily or combination skin go for powders) there are many options on the market to choose from. Also remember to avoid colors that weigh too heavily on the metallic side, unless of course you are actually on your way to the club.

Ali wears the perfect glow look created by Dylan with ‘Edward Bess’ cosmetics. Call 214.559.4510 to book a beauty appointment.