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A Newly Opened Local Treasure: Coffee House Cafe

If you live in the suburbs, you understand the difficulty in finding a cool-atmosphere coffee house that doesn’t require driving

Kevita: A Sparkling and Delicious Probiotic Refreshment

It look a summer in New York City to get me completely hooked on probiotic drinks. They were so new

Organic vs. Not Organic: That is the Question

Elena Turner, a jewelry designer mom engulfed in the world of healthy living, has given LOLO a quick guide for

Skin Organics: Chemical Free and Result Driven Skincare

This day is historical in my life. Why? After years of questions,  I have finally found a solid answer. Hoorah!

Mineral Fusion: Make-up that Feeds Your Skin

It’s official. I am enthralled by organic skin care, and this includes the fun stuff: makeup. It was a few