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my dry skin secret.

When the weather shifts to ultra-chilly, my skin gets crazy dry. It even still appears dull even when I use my most intense moisturizer. The worst! Last week, my boxing trainer, who I go to for all health tactics because of his insane knowledge, suggested that I start using grapeseed oil on my face before I go to bed. I went immediately to Whole Foods to make the purchase, and only after two nights of using this miraculous substance, I noticed a massive difference in my complexion. I woke up with bright and plumped skin. The weather shift caused a few break outs too, and those were completely cleared up after two nights.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.44.17 AM

I went to see my esthetician a few days later, and she told me that grapeseed oil truly is one of the best things for your skin. She said it evens out oil production, which will in turn clear up acne. It is a brilliant serum that increases antioxidant capabilities.

This natural, pure product will never leave my beauty routine. It’s seemingly miraculous, and the cost is super low. Obsessed.

Two of my favorites:

1. Aura Cacia Harmonizing Grapeseed Skincare Oil available at Whole Foods

2. Rhonda Allison Grape Seed Hydrating Serum


Beat Dry Skin: My Personal Cocktail under $20

It never seems to fail that with the change of seasons comes an extreme drought for my skin. It’s like the awesome cool breeze sucks the moisture right out, and when the winter comes in full force, the problem only gets worse. This season, I was bound to put a stop to this madness. I don’t know about you, but I want moist, plump and clear skin that has that dewy glow! Good news: after some trial and errors, I have come to a concoction conclusion that has brought my skin back to life.

The non-magical, yet seemingly magical method:

At night, mask your face with Skin Organic’s Peppermint Milk cleanser. Let it soak into your skin for at least 10 minutes. The kicker: the longer you let it soak into your skin, the better. I like to leave it on for an hour or two. Wash it off gently with warm water and a wash cloth.  Next, spray the Skin Organic’s Cucumber Mist Hydrating Mist on your face after you wash off the cleanser. Let it soak into your skin, and then top that with moisturizer. (I use the Goji Azelaic serum). Spray the hydrating mist on your face anytime it feels dry!

You should see a major difference in your skin in a few days!

Skin Organics Peppermint Milk, $11. Buy it here. Skin Organics Cucumber Mist, $8. Buy it here. These products are all available at your local Whole Foods. 



Piggy Bank Friendly: Saving Money at Whole Foods

An important re-blog: I came across a game changing article recently. The biggest excuse and real life concern I hear in regards to buying organic food is the high costs. So, realistically, how can we eat toxin-free diet when we have to abide by a grocery budget?

This is where Danny Seo comes into play. He is an environmental lifestyle expert, who appears frequently on The Today Show. His cool resume: he has created an organic mattress line with Simmons Natural Care, a beauty and skincare line called Wholearth by Danny Seo, and has written a lineup of Simply Green books about gift-giving and party-planning. Oh, and his latest must-read, Upcycling, “features hundreds of innovative, easy and eco-friendly craft projects that turn useless stuff into beautiful new things.”

See his tips below on saving money at Whole Foods. This equation should no longer be an issue: organic food + grocery budget = an impossibility.

Tip #1: Yes, Whole Foods takes coupons. One of the biggest misconceptions about Whole Foods is that because they operate differently than big box supermarkets, they must not take coupons. Wrong. Granted, finding coupons in your Sunday circular for probiotic raw coconut juice or ylang ylang oil is not going to happen, but mainstream organic brands like Kashi and Silk soy milk do advertise. And here’s the kicker: Whole Foods itself has downloadable coupons right on their own website. That’s about $40 off right there.

Tip #2: Can’t find a coupon? Ask for it. When you can’t find coupons for your favorite products, the simplest thing is to play into the whole social media “trend” all of these consumer brands seem to be obsessed about. Make a list of your Top 10 Always Buy items at Whole Foods. Now spend a minute hitting the LIKE button for all of them on Facebook. Periodically, brands like Morningstar Farms and Honest Tea release money saving coupons to their Facebook fans.

Or, tweet that you love a specific product and can’t live without it. I found this delicious Siggi Icelandic yogurt and tweeted about it. They wrote right back saying they wanted to send coupons for some free yogurt. And even emailing a company directly and just outright asking for coupons surprisingly works pretty well, too. The folks at Method cleaning products like their fans so much they reward them with coupons for nice emails.

Tip #3: Join Recyclebank.com; it’s free. Recyclebank.com is an online community that rewards eco-behavior with huge money saving coupons. Sign up for free and learn really helpful tips on going a little bit more green at home, at work and with your family. Each time you pledge to do something, your account is rewarded with points. Then you can shop with those points under “Rewards” for really good deals on things like $2 off any Kashi product, $2 off any two packages of Earthbound Farm organic salad mixes, $1 off Dagoba chocolates, $1 off any (2) Stonyfield Oikos organic greek yogurt and $2 off any Kiss my Face product $5 or more. These aren’t rinky dink fifty cent off deals, but actual full dollar increments. The average Recyclebank members saves about $133 off their supermarket bill each year. And, again, it’s free. The more you learn, the more points you earn, and the more you save. More than 2 million people so far are on the Recyclebank bandwagon.

Tip #4: Pay it Forward. My policy is even if I have a coupon for something, I don’t buy it if I don’t really use it. Lots of time I’ll just leave the coupons on top of the products in Whole Foods so someone who does use it can save. So, if some strange woman leaves behind, say, twenty $2 off Boca Burger coupons at your market and you hoard them all for yourself, pay it forward next time by leaving a stack of Cascadian Farm organic cereal coupons in the breakfast food aisle the following week. Together, we can help each other save.

Danny Seo
: Official Site;  Daily Danny: Official Blog

Source and Photo

Candles Sustained by Nature: Tru Melange

It was about a year ago that I came across my favorite candle in the world. I found it on the shelf at Whole Foods, and the rest was history. Meet Tru Melange candles: they are sustained by nature and are so authentically wonderful. What makes the quality so supreme? They aim to produce the most effective natural candle on the market, which involves balancing the wax content for improved aroma diffusion and a longer burn time (yes, please!). Talk about a gift idea!


The wax: They purchase 100% pure beeswax from North American Apiaries and Co-ops, and the Non GM Soy content comes from US farmers, which aids in using renewable resources. Talk about being green!

The aromas: Tru Melange does not believe in authentic fragrances, period. “We feel that 100% pure essential oils hold enough complexity and depth for us to keep creating blends that will intrigue, enthrall and wow you.”

Yes, they even care about the wicks! They are lead-free and cotton-braided, which allows for the best aroma diffusion possible. As for the colors, eco-friendly powder dyes provide these wonderful ambiance-creating hues. They are absent of all toxins, and they are never tested on animals. Hooray!

You can only imagine my excitement when a box of these heavenly aromas came delivered in a package to my front door!

My personal favorites:

Harmony: The mix of vanilla and peppermint is sweet and soothing. I love burning it when I am reading and relaxing.

The SOL Relax Candle: It is the cutest gift! The decor is adorable, and the wooden top gives this home decor item a vintage touch. Plus, the lavender and blood orange combination is exhilarating.


The Noel Holiday Candle: It is the perfect way to usher in the holiday season with a woodsy mixture of fir, spruce, and pine scents.

Visit their website to peruse their fabulous selection! Your new favorite candle awaits you…

A Powerful Allergy Solution: North Dallas Honey

The honey-making process is quite intriguing and extensive, especially when it lives up to the North Dallas Honey way of doing things: pure, raw, and unfiltered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Sheets, the man behind NDH, to get the inside scoop behind this delicious natural sweetener and powerful allergy-preventer!

“Pure” defined: The honey is actually “real” and contains the original pollen. With North Dallas Honey, you know where the honey is coming from. It is not being mass produced in a place unknown or unchaperoned.

“Raw” defined: This Texas honey is gently warmed to about 120 degrees fahrenheit, which allows the honey to be strained through a cheesecloth, eliminating the “bee knees” and the wax. The low temperature keeps the antioxidants and enzymes in place, allowing for great health benefits. The taste is remarkable!

“Unfiltered” defined:  A long story short, North Dallas Honey removes the the bees legs, wings, and wax while leaving in all of the pollen, vitamins, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants.

The Unfiltered Scoop on Filtered Honey

Filtered, or processed honey is heated up to 190 degrees (killing enzymes and antioxidants) and blended with diatomaceous earth in order to bond to the pollen and particulates. The honey is then pumped through a high pressure filtration system to remove the diatomaceous earth as well as the pollen, and finally it is quickly cooled. The result: an oxymoron–honey without pollen and health benefits!

Real People Talk: A Tablespoon a Day Keeps the Allergies Away

So can honey really prevent allergies? YES! Honey is a natural anti-histamine that blocks inflammation caused from pollens in the air. I think the most powerful testimonies come from the avid North Dallas Honey users:

Mike Gavett: “I had to tell you that after our meeting I began taking your honey daily.  No allergies this year, at all.  I started feeling an onset once and doubled my daily dosage for about four days, and it never hit.  I have told at least 2 dozen people about the positive experience and many are now using your honey.”

Michele Baker:  “After being unsuccessfully treated for allergies with prescription medications, I picked up North Dallas Honey at Sprouts, have a couple of Tbsps every day, and allergy pain is gone.  I haven’t used prescription medications ever since.  THANK YOU!!”

Cary Mitchell: “I started taking NDH daily for allergies..and after 3 days, I stopped taking $100 a month worth of medications. Since then I have told EVERYONE about your honey and have people running to Walmart and Central Market to pick it up…this stuff is as golden as its color!”

Suzan Freytag: “We eat organically and had always bought ‘organic honey’. A client of mine that is a doctor told me to try yours for allergy relief. It has COMPLETELY eliminated allergies for the entire household…it is our daily dose (well, and it’s delicious).”

Not only does honey war off seasonal allergies, it can give you an energy boost or even prevent a pimple! See other medicinal uses here.

North Dallas Honey can be found on a number of shelves at local retailers, including Costco, Albertson’s, Central Market, Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. For all the details, visit www.northdallashoney.com.

Kevita: A Sparkling and Delicious Probiotic Refreshment

It look a summer in New York City to get me completely hooked on probiotic drinks. They were so new to me, and being a non-energy drink drinker, these were the perfect alternatives to provide a boost of natural energy in addition to healthy flora for digestion.  Not to be confused with Kombucha, KeVita is made using a fresh new approach. Water or tea is combined with the proprietary Organic KeVita Culture; a blend of probiotics and subtle flavors. They combine organic cold extracted plant extracts and organic fruits in a variety of flavors for your drinking pleasure. Oh, and did I mention it’s raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free and organic?

KeVita Fun Facts

It has multiple strains of probiotics, including those originating from kefir derived cultures. For thousands of years these cultures have been cherished for supporting beneficial digestive flora.

It is available in 8 delicious flavors: Strawberry Acai Coconut, Mango Coconut (my favorite), Coconut, Pomegranate Coconut, Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger, Living Greens, and Green Tea!

      • Proven to promote digestive health
      • Proven to maintain the immune system
      • Proven to deliver 10 times more probiotic cultures than common yogurt through the gut and into the intestine where they are needed
      • 4 Billion Probiotic Organisms at time of Bottling. 4 strains.
      • Refreshing and thirst-quenching
      • 4 flavors certified organic, 4 flavors made with organic ingredients
      • Made with LOVE in small batches in California

Why Drink KeVita?

For radiant vitality and health, duh! KeVita is the only sparkling, probiotic refreshment of its kind. It contains 2x the probiotic content as Kombucha, plus it has a much milder flavor and is created from a different culture called Water Kefir. These drinks are very low in sugar as they are lightly sweetened with Stevia. The coolest part: it is handcrafted and cold-processed at KeVita’s own organic plant in Ventura, CA. (Take me here please!)

KeVita Suggestions

  • If you have an upset stomach: go with the Lemon and Ginger flavor.
  • Drink as much or as little as you want any time of day, with or without meals.
  • How much you need to drink to enjoy the benefits varies. Everyone is unique. Listen to your taste buds and your body. Some drink 2 bottles a day others make a bottle last all week.

Kevita is available at Whole Foods, health and gourmet stores nationwide. You can spot a local location here.