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For our 5 Friday Faves this week, we’ve picked our top 5 fitness¬†items! Working out and running is such a

juicy couture sport.

Holy cow, Juicy Couture Sport?? This is brilliant. What do you guys think of this collection?

in the gym.

Who’s with me? Cute work out clothes make exercise way more appealing and exciting…maybe even fun (what?). If I am

holy moly.

Uh oh. Soul Cycle just debuted on ShopBop. #dangerzone I mean. This lookbook. #inspo #hitthegym  

TRX: Movement at It’s Max

My entire life has been full of fitness and health initiatives, but it wasn’t until this past year that I

Shape Up Video: At Home Fitness Moves for your Core

We know you are busy bees, and that is why we had owner of Omega Performance Training, Eric Hughes, put