Rumors are flying about the fashionable confusion and/or boredom that is centered around September issues and health magazines that produce cyclical and sometimes repetitive content. Does it seem that these publications are reaching out to the jargon-knower, the industry expert? For a fashion lover, the new content is like Christmas morning; as for the accountant lady, these streams of photos seem fun, yet slightly outlandish. Moms and college students alike have expressed a common concern: On the health front, how do we know what is true? In the field of fashion, how do we take a high-street editorial shoot and integrate it into a normal lifestyle? That is where LOLO steps in…

LOLO Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle experience. Integrating the fashion, food, beauty and health industries, LOLO Magazine offers a resource to make your life healthy and fashionably pleasing. We want to bring the runway to your door. We want to be an educational resource for a healthy life.

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Lauren Sims

Born & raised in Dallas, Texas; Baylor bear, wife, and lover of all things fashion. Interned for Pink Tartan showroom in NYC, worked in the Fine Apparel buying office for Neiman Marcus Direct.

A little bit about me: currently living in Dallas with my husband of just over a year and our golden retriever, Beau. I am a believer and my faith in Christ is the foundation of my life. I’m a runner and love working out and being active, but I’m also obsessed with baking and sweets. Lover of traveling, adventures, peonies, and clean white sheets.

When it comes to fashion, I think I was born with a love for clothes, shopping, and fashion in general. That love for clothes has developed into  a passion for helping other women look and feel their best through creating a great, yet realistic wardrobe for them! That passion is coupled with a deep desire to help girls find security and beauty in their true identity and live every day to the fullest. (I also love personal shopping for women! E-mail me if you’re intereseted in that.) xx


Lauren Scruggs

I am the Founder and Editor of LOLO Magazine, a full online lifestyle hub that unites all things fashion, beauty and health. I was born in Redondo Beach and raised in Dallas, so I guess you can call me a California girl whose roots are deep in the heart of Texas. My love for fashion has been tightly sewn through interning in wardrobe for the CW’s Gossip Girl, the Michael Kors showroom in New York City, and reporting for New York, Paris, and Montreal Fashion Weeks. To continuously network in the world of fashion as well as educate myself on upcoming trends and industry insight, I attend New York Fashion Week seasonly.
Outside of this genre, my first book called Still LOLO was published in 2012, and my second book, Your Beautiful Heart, released in March of 2015. Bethany Hamilton and I also started a yearly retreat for girls that have lost a limb to create a community and encourage one another on our journey.  I recently started The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation with the mission to provide beautiful prostheses for woman in need.