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    12 Fun Games for Teaching Healthy Eating

    Keep reading if you’re looking for creative and engaging ways to teach students about healthy eating! I’ve put together a collection of fun games that help kids understand the importance of nutrition and keep them entertained. From Bingo to Jeopardy and even a playful restaurant role-play, each game is designed to make learning about healthy choices an enjoyable experience. Plus, for those of you who love a good brain teaser, I’ve found some fantastic words for word association games to boost vocabulary in a …

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    How to Boost Your Instagram Following as a Fitness Influencer

    As a fitness influencer on Instagram, increasing your follower count isn’t just about vanity; it’s about extending your reach, amplifying your message, and connecting with like-minded individuals who can benefit from your journey and insights. To boost your presence, consider ethical strategies like engaging content and collaborations rather than resorting to shortcuts like attempting to buy Instagram followers.
    If you’re an Instagram fitness influencer trying to make it big, here are some useful …

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    3 Things About Weight Loss That You Probably Didn’t Know

    Besides genetic and hormonal factors, lifestyle and behavioral patterns also have a significant impact on the success of weight loss efforts. A new study analyzing the data of over 20,000 U.S. adults shows that clinically significant weight loss is linked to healthier diets and increased exercise. Among those who met the study’s parameters for diet quality and physical activity intensity based on the Healthy Eating Index and Life’s Essential 8, 2,840 were able to lose at least 5% of their initial body weight.
    However, …

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    Best Compression Socks to Buy in 2021

    Many people become well adapted to the Work From Home lifestyle. Sitting, walking, and standing for long periods could cause swollen ankles. Compression socks help with improving circulation in the legs and decrease swelling too. If you have been looking for a list of the best compression socks, here are the best ones you can buy in 2021.

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    CBD Infused Activewear – What Exactly Is It?

    For the past couple of years, CBD oil has been steadily taking over as one of the leading natural compounds in general holistic wellness. Since finding its way into the textile industry, it is making waves in the mass production of activewear infused with CBD.
    If you want to know if CBD-infused activewear is worth making the switch, then keep reading to find out what exactly it is and how it can help your fitness lifestyle…

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    How These Creatives Look After Their Mental Health

    As business creatives, these people have a lot on their plates. Here are the different ways each of these people cope and look after their mental health.
    Adam Taubenfligel
    Adam Taubenfligel, the creative director of Triarchy, practices Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental Meditation is a mantra-centric exercise done for twenty minutes, twice a day. This practice helps Adam look after his mental health and give himself a sense of elective sobriety.
    Trish Ewanika
    When the pandemic hit, Trish Ewanika’s fashion business was heavily affected, and it took a toll on her mental health. One of the best …

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    OVRY: A Startup That Aims for Sustainable and Affordable Pregnancy Tests

    OVRY is a startup direct-to-consumer company in Canada founded by Jackie Rhind, a Toronto-native. Rhind has established this business to make ovulation and pregnancy tests more sustainable and affordable.
    Rhind has personally experienced an ailment that led her to take hormonal birth control. She has also found herself often purchasing pregnancy test kits at drugstores where the markup price is considerably high. Additionally, pregnancy and ovulation test kits come with a single-use plastic stem. Thus, she told herself people like her deserve a much better option.
    OVRY is currently offering pregnancy test kits that are …

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    The Best Newly Released Activewear in 2021

    Looking for great activewear pieces to purchase? Some of these newly released sportswear garments might suit you.
    1. Infinity Two-Tone Ribbed-Merino Wool Sweater
    If you are working out on a chilly day outdoors, then this wool sweater from Infinity will be your best friend.
    2. Pretty Little Thing Plus Black Contrast Sports Bra
    This sports bra from Pretty Little Thing is the perfect balance between comfort and active fashion.
    3. Joe Fresh Quilted Zip Up
    The Quilted Zip Up by Joe Fresh is the perfect piece to wear when running outdoors in cold weather.
    4. Michi Mercury Velvet Longline …

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    The Superstitions Behind Your New Year’s Even Undies

    If you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, you might want to try your luck and wear underwear that may or may not luck your desires.
    White Underwear
    Those who wish for more tranquility and peace should wear white underwear. Whether you wish this for your family life or for your career, wearing white undies means asking for the future to not be so hard on you.
    Red Underwear
    If you wish to have a prosperous love life and more romance, you should wear red underwear. The color red is believed to bring love and passion.
    Yellow Underwear
     If you are hoping to increase your …

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    This Styling Trick Will Save Your Winter Fashion Wardrobe

    In case you have not guessed it yet, the style that will help you save your fashion wardrobe this winter is “Pants Tucked Into Your Boots.” Now you are probably wondering how.
    Western-style and lug-sole boots are two of the definite footwear staples in the winter season; however, styling them can be quite tricky.
    Although layering gives loads of styling opportunities, seeing the bottom of your favorite pair of pants get dirty through the slush can make you feel uninspired to go out. This is where tucking your pants into your boots comes in handy. In fact, some of the top fashion stars and influences are even …

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    Nonie by Nina Kharey, A Company That Creates Eco-Conscious Scrubs

    Nina Kharey has been widely known for creating exquisite wardrobe pieces that are worn by A-list personalities such as Meghan Markle. The Canadian designer is now the pioneer of the design industry with the launch of her newest company called Fold, a PPE-focused company.
    With Nina’s recent brand introduction, she has taken inspiration from her fashion company Nonie. Nina Kharey’s Nonie was established in 2008, and this company focuses on providing stylish and innovative fashion pieces. She aims to do the same with her new brand Fold; she strives to concentrate on creating efficient, innovative, and eco-conscious scrubs …

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    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Review

    Nowadays, whey protein powders have been a staple in many people’s diets, especially those who are looking to build their muscles. Whey protein powder can make a massive difference in achieving your long-term body goals.
    If you are looking for a whey protein powder that is suitable for vegetarians, is readily available in local supermarkets, affordable, and one that tastes good, then you should check out this product. The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder delivers everything we want a protein powder to offer.
    What we love most about this whey protein powder is its delicious taste. Some protein …