28 Aug 2014

SHOPBOP Sale | Our Top 5 picks

The smell of fresh brewed coffee, pancakes, an email announcing a SHOPBOP “drop everything” sale — a few of my favorite ways to be woken up! Amazing deals + free shipping + free returns make this sale pretty hard to resist. Check out our top 5 picks from this sale!

All of these items are great “buy now, wear now” pieces. At least for us Texans, the summer weather will last well into late September. These pieces are great staples that will get you through this last stretch of summer but transition great into the fall weather as well!

1. This classic jean jacket is a staple for any wardrobe – throw it over any maxi dress, or pair it with skinnies & a loose tank and you’re set. This is an item you can wear during any season, and at 50% off, now is the time to invest in a good one!

2.  Confession: maxi dresses are my weakness in life. You can never have too many. I’m obsessed with this Flynn Skye maxi dress. The bali print is so on point with tribal print trend for Fall, and the cutouts give the dress such a fun and feminine flare! {Also comes in this great Cayenne color}. Throw the above denim jacket over your maxi and wear it into the fall months as you head to Starbucks for your pumpkin spice latte.

3. A good sweatshirt – yet another item you can never have too many of. I love this super soft cropped sweatshirt - great for lounging around the house, or pair it with a high waisted maxi skirt and you’re set for your next lunch date.

4. Suede booties – they were a huge hit last fall and we’ll only be seeing more of them this coming season! These fringe booties by Sam Edelman are amazing – their low heel make them perfect for walking around town and they’d be great paired with a tribal print maxi dress or our next item on the list – boyfriend jeans!

5. Lo is particularly fond of these Pajama jeans by Rag & Bone {see her previous post about them here!}. Another great piece that you can wear through any season, and also the perfect pant for traveling!

Hope you enjoy this sale as much as we have! Go get your faves from Shopbop before the sale ends.

xx, Lauren

26 Aug 2014

Oh, the places you’ll go.

Summer vacations, weddings, weekend get-aways…the beauty of summer is that you’re always on the go with so many new faces and places to explore. Summer traveling can be such a joy, but if you’re not well-equipped with great travel products, sometimes your hair or skin might not agree with that. Lo and I have put together a little list of our must-have summer travel products!

Hours on a plane + change of time zones can often lead to puffy eyes and dark circles. We are obsessed with this anti-dark circle eye roller from Garnier! So easy to just throw in your purse and roll on right when your plane lands. Laura Mercier also makes this amazing eye serum that smooths any wrinkles and helps with dryness. Pair it with their new under eye concealer {amazing coverage + lasts for hours!} and your eyes will be bright as ever. These products are all must-haves for looking fresh when stepping off the plane.

Traveling can get so hectic when your go-to items are in all different bags, most likely hiding at the very bottom. I love this Kiehl’s travel solution set not only because the products are amazing but because it compacts all your travel needs in one cute bag! {hint: this bag also makes a great gift for any friends, mother-in-law or frequent travelers you may know!}. If you’re wanting to condense all of your face wash + bath products into one bag, how adorable is this organics travel kit from anthropologie?

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about packing is pajama-packing. Will you be around family? friends? will the boyfriend be there? Pajamas that make you feel cute, yet comfy, and are appropriate for all crowds are not easy to come by, but crucial for any trip! I love these anthropologie lounge pants and sleep shorts - accomplishing cute + comfy all in one!


Try these products out and let us know if you’re as obsessed as we are! Happy travels!

3 Jun 2014

circle seven five.

My sweet friend, Cassidy Woodard, has recently put her heart into creating this amazing lifestyle company aiming to connect Dallas women in their 20s and 30s by hosting networking and social events in the best spots of Dallas.  I am so pumped for Circle Seven Five to launch! Who’s with me? Check out her uh-dorable website for much more information on how to become a member!


What initially drove you to start this company?


  • I lived in New York for the past four years while I went to school and had some amazing internships and experiences in the city. When I moved back to Dallas I found that it wasn’t as easy to meet new friends as it had been in school. I wanted to be involved, but I wasn’t sure how. I wanted community and to experience new things, new people, and to be apart of Dallas in a well-rounded way that wasn’t just a business or charity or ‘Dallasite’ thing, but something that focused on every aspect of what makes a balanced lifestyle. After extensive searching, I didn’t find what I was looking for in a standalone organization. It’s a lot to ask!


…  So that’s when I came up with the idea for Circle Seven Five! I think there is a need out there for a community group that is involved in all sorts of interests. With our busy and demanding lives the concept of a one-stop shop is very appealing to me, and if I can provide a service that offers women social, professional, and philanthropic opportunities then I will have done what I set out to do. I am inspired by the idea of an organization where my involvement can vary. Some events are fun and glamorous and some events are low-key where yoga pants and tennis shoes are status quo.  We are well-rounded people who want to live healthy lives, and it’s always more fun to do things with friends, so why not turn that into a business? What is that silly line they would put on inspirational posters in middle school? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I decided to take one!


What has been the most rewarding part of the hard work it took to create a brand of your own?


  • The most rewarding part of this so far has been to see other people get excited with me and to have girls who e-mail me and say they are new to town and want to get involved. I think women are looking for something like this. The other rewards have been the friendships that I have started to develop through this venture … and we haven’t even had our launch party yet!! It makes me so excited for what’s to come. By the way, you should come to our launch party on June 18th!

What is your ultimate vision for this Circle? What do you want others to experience?


  • My ultimate vision for Circle Seven Five is an unstoppable, empowered group of women – real girls – connecting, encouraging, and growing in a positive way.  I want others to experience community, laughter, and individual growth, as well as genuine relationships!


Why should we get involved? What are the benefits?


  • We are for the girl who wants to be part of a network and a community, but who doesn’t want a mandatory time commitment, an involved initiation process, or expensive dues. Circle Seven Five is a bit more inclusive than some other women’s clubs out there. We are well-rounded because we are not a niche group. For example, there are business groups strictly for women in finance, or women in real estate, or social groups strictly for women who are single, or groups strictly for moms. Since our focus is on a holistic lifestyle we try to provide a well-balanced service allowing our members to be involved in Dallas socially, professionally, and philanthropically.  Part of this initiative is to provide a larger more balanced network of members, which will ultimately be more beneficial for everyone.  Also who doesn’t want a fun social calendar?


Each month we will have at least one signature event as well as offering smaller, more informal options. We would love if every member could make it to each event, but we know that is not realistic—life can get crazy, and that is why we love providing our members with our fun newsletters and fabulous perks each month! We call these perks “Party Favors” because we believe life should be a party! We keep each month’s Party Favors a surprise, but you can usually catch some sneak peaks by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Trust me, you’ll love them!!


Where do you hope to see Circle Seven Five in a year?


  • In the next year, my greatest goal for Circle Seven Five is that Dallas becomes a better place because of it and that people, and women in particular, feel empowered and open to new possibilities and partnerships. We have to support each other out there as women — we are much more alike than we may think!

What advice would you give an entrepreneur after your experience?


  • It is totally cliché, but I would have to say follow your gut and let your heart lead you. Don’t be afraid to make the tough decisions.  Say “no” when you need to. Treat everyone you meet with respect. Starting a business and building anything from the ground up is a very trying, yet very rewarding experience. There will be very high highs and very low lows. It takes so much effort and work to make things happen, and people don’t often realize everything that goes into business. But if you have dream, you just work hard and chase it every day.  It’s all up to you!


25 May 2014
19 May 2014

beach beauty.

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Photos: Candice Swanepoel by Elina Kechicheva for Marie Claire June 2014

14 May 2014

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