Beauty Spotlight: Edward Bess

This month we set our focus on Edward Bess. Even though he is only 25 years old Edward has an impressive history in fashion, arts and of course beauty. The line started at Bergdorf’s with the lip wardrobe: a set containing ten lipsticks and five glosses. Since then the line has developed into a complete collection that is known as the best of the best. Sold only in New York and Beverly Hills it is now available exclusively at Forty Five Ten in Dallas.

Edward and I have a few things in common but one in particular serves as a major influence on our beauty vision; our mother. I will always have the memory of shopping with my mother all over the world in search of the perfect pink lipstick. I have never known her to wear any other color. From Egypt to Belgium that perfect pink was very hard to find. She’s a minimalist when it comes to makeup wearing only lipstick, mascara, and sometimes blush. When clients ask me how I feel makeup should be applied I usually respond with – less is more (which happens to be one of Edward’s beauty mottos too). After an application I want to see my client light up and I want them to feel beautiful. I might use foundation, concealer, powders and play with color but the end result should be natural beauty.

The Edward Bess collection is chic, fun and simple. He doesn’t throw in a million colors, tons of glitter or crazy packaging. The line offers many options that are easy for any woman to work with at home for a simple day look to a glamorous evening look. Inside the sleek black compacts are natural and playful colors made with the best formulas I have ever worked with. If I could sum up the collection I would say that Edward Bess is the perfect little black dress – timeless and always beautiful. At the store I offer consultations, technique lessons and applications for any occasion including bridal. If you have never used this line before get ready to fall in love.

3 Responses to Beauty Spotlight: Edward Bess

  1. Todd Keel says:

    Great article!! I cant wait to read more!!!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    This line sounds AMAZING. Wish it was available in more locations!

  3. Dylan says:

    fyi…. Angelina is wearing ‘Demi-buff’ lipstick($32) ‘Nude Satin’ lipgloss($30) and ‘Natural’ lip liner($29- two per box)
    second photo: ‘Back to Basics’ palette ($75) – the one must-have makeup item for every woman

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