Denim Craze: Neuw Jeans

Oh how I love denim! When someone asks me what I collect: denim. My fetish: JEANS (and sweet potatoes, duh). They maybe, just maybe, are color-coated in my closet. #embarrassingconfession.

So the point of the story is that I am a hard critic. For me to purchase a new pair of jeans, they must have the WOW factor, meaning they do not compromise on fit, color, wash, or purpose. That’s right, purpose. They must fit the occasions in your daily life, or an occasion that could possibly come up: justification 101. There is nothing like a great pair of jeans, especially those classic ones filled with memories, and I assure you Neuw Denim could be next in line.

Neuw was created by three friends (Par, Stephen, and Richard) with the same motivation: to formulate a premium, independent denim brand. The concept is derived from Par’s extensive vintage denim collection, which contains iconic pieces spanning the last 100 years of denim history. Par wears these collectibles after he alters and repairs their fit and look, a method he likes to call “Vintage Revision.” The coolest part: every Neuw jean goes through this process. The result: modern denim with traditional attention to detail, (fabulous) fit and workmanship.

My favorite pair: the low rise razor skinny in Italian army green. The most unique aspect is that they crease black!

To explore their collection, go here. Better yet, to buy, go here or here!


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