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Shearling love

I’ll be real with you: I am an outerwear connoisseur. You really can never have enough coats! I recently got

Top Knot || How To

Ladies and gentlemen (well, probably just ladies but you never know). I am SO excited to feature Tracy Melton on

survival kit | holiday edition

The month of December it seems like every week there is either a holiday party, holiday brunch, holiday meeting….holiday everything!

40% off…everything!

While I do 99% of my shopping these days online, my husband decided today we should do some Christmas shopping

stocking stuffers for days

I don’t know about you, but stockings are definitely my favorite part of Christmas. I can’t even explain it but

The ultimate SALE shopping guide

For all you online shoppers, the tock is ticking on your Christmas Shopping! You’ve only got a few days left