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cut offs.

There is nothing like a good cut-off short in the summer. I live in them. They can be way chic

simple + chic

Denim is on blast for top trends this spring. This Frame Denim editorial is the ultimate guide to styling. Photos

messy hair + a knotted necklace.

It was a muted lip + messy hair + knotted necklace kind of Tuesday. I am all about the organic

black pantsuits.

Pantsuits can be a major hit or miss, yet they are extremely flattering if they accentuate the right places.  Fitting

i’ve got my eye on you.

Guys. Spring is a real problem for me. It is my favorite season to get fresh makeup, spice up my

trending: mini handbags.

Anything from micro piglets to little cupcakes, everything that is miniature is automatically adorable. The same goes for mini handbags