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travel tips + bomber look

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

Happy friday, friends! What do you guys have going on this weekend? Lo is currently in Dallas with her family as her twin sister, Britt, gets ready to welcome her sweet babe into the world- beyond exciting! This past week I went to NYC for work and this weekend Hamilton and I are headed to Deep Creek for my dear friend’s wedding weekend. With all of this travel that Lo and I both have going on this week, it got us thinking about packing and outfit planning. Below are a few tips before your next trip and we would love to hear any packing advice that you have in the comments section. Scroll to the bottom for links to Lo’s super cool, travel friendly outfit // xo melissa

Less is best

I tend to abide by this policy in my home, too. Clutter drives me absolutely crazy, so having fewer things makes it much easier for everything to have a place. Same goes for packing! I always find that I am happier when I don’t have a ton of stuff to pack up and unpack. I used to think that options helped, but I am no longer a believer in that philosophy. All options do are weigh me down and confuse me!

Make a list and stick to it

As you prepare for a trip, make a list of things you need. Also, check the weather and plan outfits accordingly. Once you have a list of items, stick to it! I used to suffer from making last minute changes- literally pulling things out and stuffing things in moments before walking out the door- and it never ended well. Thankfully I have cured myself of this bad habit and traveling has been much more peaceful ever since. 

Pack versatile items

If you pack items that can be worn more than once, and possibly more than one way, you will end up packing less. This is a pretty simple tip and it really helps keep the total amount of things packed to a minimum.

Only items that you love make the cut

If you don’t absolutely love wearing an item, do not bring it on a trip! Only items that you love wearing and feel great in belong in the suitcase.


Comfort is always important, but extra important when traveling. This is especially true when it comes to shoes. If they aren’t comfy for walking pretty far distances, they don’t make the cut.

Don’t be afraid to re-wear

Sometimes I get weird about re-wearing an item on a trip, but this fear is really so silly! Re-wearing something that you love and that makes sense for the trip is a great thing to do. Re-wear with confidence, my friend.

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine

travel tips + bomber look | lolo magazine


bomber + similar option| tank (c/o) | jeans (c/o) | boots (c/o) | sunnies (c/o) | lip color

photos by felicia lasala


back in love


back in love with a&f | lolo magazine

back in love with a&f | lolo magazine

back in love with a&f | lolo magazine

Have you guys checked out abercombie lately? Lauren and I hadn’t looked at their collection in years (since high school!) but about a month ago we noticed a few of our favorite bloggers rocking a few super cool pieces and they were from a&f. It sparked our curiosity and we got in touch with the incredible team over there to chat about their new collection and new direction. They were so kind and sent us some pieces from their newest collection, and Lauren and I are now back in love with the brand. Their new look is casual, cool, laidback, and not as “branded” as they once were. The effortless aesthetic is very appealing and the clothing items that we received are timeless, comfortable, and versatile. Above are a few style inspiration images & below are links to what we are currently loving at a&f // xo melissa

this grey wrap coat

these olive green skinnies

a classic blue oxford shirt

ankle cropped straight jeans

the coziest fleece jacket of all time

a chic black bomber jacket

casual and cool joggers

a simple grey tee

a water resistant jacket

a puffer coat for cold days

this suede utility jacket

a cool plaid scarf for fall


national handbag day

national handbag day | lolo magazine

Today is a big day in my world and yours- it’s national handbag day! As you guys know by now, my full-time job is as senior marketing associate for hobo, a quality and cool leather handbag + wallet company. If you want to learn more about hobo, check out our Instagram, read our story, and discover our leathers. At the bottom of this post I have listed my top 10 favorite hobo styles, including this backpack as well as this bag, that Lo has and loves. In celebration of national handbag day, I wanted to share the story of how Lo and I met! We haven’t shared the story here on the mag before, and some of you might be wondering how we became friends since she lives on the west coast and I am here on the east coast! We thought that national handbag day would be the perfect time to share the story, as it involves hobo.

national handbag day | lolo magazine

I was a follower of Lauren’s on Instagram and a reader of lolo mag, so as the person who handles blogger relations for Hobo, I reached out to Lauren via Instagram early on in 2014 to see if she would like a hobo bag. She sent me the sweetest email and I sent her a bag. After that, she hosted a giveaway on her Instagram and we kept in touch via a few emails here and there. In early 2015, I reached out to her in hopes of collaborating with her on a press event in our showroom to celebrate the release of her second book, Your Beautiful Heart, plus our fall 2015 collection. Long story short, she said yes, and we had a small event in our NYC showroom for magazine editors and bloggers where they met Lauren (and her twin, Britt!), chatted with her about her book and her love for hobo, previewed our fall collection, and chatted with us about fall styles and other hobo news. It was such a fun event and Lo and I bonded instantly!

national handbag day | lolo magazine

After the event we continued to keep in touch via email and social. Later that year, in the fall of 2015, I saw a post that Lauren Kay Sims was branching off from lolo mag to start her own blog. At that point, I can say with all my heart, that the Holy Spirit instructed me to email Lauren. It was as though it was instantaneous instruction, and thankfully I followed. I immediately emailed Lauren to see if she wanted assistance on lolo mag. The next morning I woke up to the sweetest email from Lo saying that she had been praying to the Lord to show her the next step for the mag and then received my email. Long story short, we talked logistics and plans in the next days and weeks, and then I became an editor on the mag. You might be thinking that this is a big undertaking in addition to my full-time role at hobo, but it has become second nature to me and a part of my lifestyle, and I love it! It’s easy to make time for things that you love and feel called to do. I work on the mag early in the morning (like 6am), during my lunch breaks at hobo, at night sometimes around 9pm before I shut the laptop off at 10pm, plus I carve out a few hours on the weekends- typically Saturday and Sunday morning during my coffee time before the day gets going! My life feels significantly more full of joy and more complete since adding lolo mag to the mix. Not only has the experience been so rewarding to my personal growth and knowledge, but the biggest blessing of them all is Lo. Lauren and I have developed a sincere and special friendship that is truly one of a kind and I thank the Lord regularly for crossing our paths!

I hope you enjoyed this story & below are my favorite hobo styles! We are having a SALE on today only, in honor of the holiday. 20% off fall styles + free shipping on all orders, ends tonight // xo

10 favorite hobos

the river backpack | the costa bag | the fast lane bag | the perfect union

the city girl | the evella | the vale | the fern | the sheila | the raine clutch


five pairs of mules for fall

five pairs of mules for fall | lolo magazine

the links // one | two | three | four | five

five cute vests for fall


[all five via anthropologie | here are the links —  one | two | three | four | five ]

happy monday!! xo lo + melis

currently loving

cuurently loving | lolo magazine cuurently loving | lolo magazine

Happy Friday, lolo readers. We are so excited for the weekend. Lo and I are both looking forward to relatively chill and low-key weekends in both LA and Annapolis. Here are links to our Instagrams (Lo’s IG + mine) to follow along for any updates. 

Every other Friday (or so) Lo and I are going to do a currently loving post here on the mag. We will share things that we are currently loving at the moment, plus a playlist of songs that are currently on repeat.We have the soundtrack playlist on Spotify, that we continuously edit and update, so be sure to check it out and enjoy our favorite tunes with us. 

Here are a list of things that we have & love

My favorite small candle – lo

Loving this mud mask from volition – melis (c/o)

My everyday handbag – lo (c/o)

My favorite concealer – melis

This bath oil is the best – lo

Can’t live without my silk pillowcase – melis

My favorite daytime undies – lo

My go-to leather backpack – melis

This hair protein spray is a lifesaver – lo

My favorite at-home sweats – melis (c/o)

My favorite diffuser – lo

New fall shoes that I just bought – melis

Photos by Sarah Shreves for Magnify.