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what’s in my bag?

whats-in-my-bagI always think it’s interesting to know what other girls just can’t leave the house without, so I thought I’d share some of my “must-haves” with you today!

  1. Favorite phone case – I’m obsessed with all Sonix cases. I love this one because you can still see my gold phone through the case, but it’s still protective!
  2. Little wallet – I recently downsized my wallet and it was the best decision of my life. I typically carry small crossbody bags and having a big wallet just wasn’t working for me. (This wallet also just got marked down!). It’s small but still holds everything I need it to, and forces me to stay organized!
  3. Fresh nude lip color – I literally cannot live without this stuff. It feels so good on your lips, it’s hydrating, and gives you that perfect summer nude lip color. I wear it everywhere from the grocery store, to work meetings to lunch with the girls. (I also wear it to the pool because it has SPF in it!)
  4. Dior Addict gloss – another favorite lip color. I have it in the “angelique” color which is also pretty nude, but it has just the remind amount of gloss to it. It looks natural, but still feminine.
  5. Obviously sunnies (not pictured). I’m currently obsessed with which is an endless eyewear subscription. Unlimited sunglasses that you can swap out for $19/month. Use the code “laurenkaysims” to get your first month free!

What are some items you can’t leave the house without?!

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#NSale – last few days!

So I’ll be real with you. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a procrastinator at heart. Always have been, I think it’s in my blood. This applies even when it comes to amazing sales – like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that’s been going on. I held off up until now on all the amazing deals going on because I convinced myself I didn’t need anything. Well, when I saw there were only 3 days left of the sale, I caved. Some of these deals were just too good to pass up on! Like, some of these tops are less than $20 and I know I’ll get so much use out of them.

I rounded up for you some items that I put in my shopping cart today as well as a few others that are on my wishlist (that I’ll probably be ordering before Sunday). Happy shopping!

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wear now, wear later dresses

Confession: I have a really hard time starting to buy all the new cute fall clothes that are coming out when it’s 100+ degrees here still in Dallas. Maybe that makes me a procrastinator or not a planner, but I’m not going to buy a faux fur vest in July when I won’t be able to wear that until October.

BUT at the same time…it’s probably not a smart idea to be buying 100 white dresses right now when I won’t be able to wear them for too much longer (this year). That’s why I felt like this cold-shoulder dress from No Rest for Bridget was such a smart purchase.

cold-shoulder-dress cold-shoulder-dress cold-shoulder-dress cold-shoulder-dress cold-shoulder-dressDress | Handbag | Sunnies | Necklace | Watch | Sandals

I wore this dress last weekend in the heat of July, but also can’t wait to wear it once temps cool off with a suede bootie! When I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it (plus it’s less than $40)…hard to say no to that.

A few other cold-shoulder dresses I’m loving from NRFB:


cactus love

This summer I have developed a major love for anything and everything related to cacti: succulents, the cactus emoji…I just think they are so adorable. Because of my current cactus crush, I instantly fell in love with this cactus-print dress. Not only is the print bright and so summery, but you can actually wear it in this 100+ degree Texas heat and survive! I wore it to brunch on Saturday at Saint Ann in Dallas…and we ate outside!

cactus-print-dress cactus-print-dress

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when to choose quality over quantity

Happy Friday eve ya’ll! So by now you probably know me well enough to know I am all about a deal, and saving money. I’ve always wanted to be a Chanel purse, Prada sunglasses type of girl, but that’s just not me. Maybe in my next life, but for now, I strive to be on trend and feel my best, without breaking the bank.
denim-shirt-white-jeans denim-shirt-white-jeans Today though, I want to talk about when you should choose quality for your wardrobe over quantity. Early on this summer I was on the hunt for white jeans. I tried on (no joke) at least 7 pair that were all around the $50 price range. I hated every single one. They didn’t fit right, or they were too ripped, or they were super thin and I knew I wouldn’t get more than 10 wears out of them.

I slightly felt like the heavens opened up when I tried on this pair of white jeans though. They are definitely more than what I usually spend on jeans, but the fit was perfect, the material felt like real quality, and I knew I’d be wearing them for summers to come.

denim-shirt-white-jeans denim-shirt-white-jeansSo, to each his own! But, in my opinion, a good pair of white jeans that will last you years (instead of buying a $50 pair every summer), is totally worth it.

And this top – let’s talk for a minute about Bella Dahl. I’m sure you’ve seen some of Lo’s posts about them – but we are both obsessed. The top I’m wearing here isn’t your typical denim top. Because it’s from Bella Dahl, the quality is truly amazing, and you would not believe how soft it is. BD is known for creating ultra-soft women’s essentials, with outstanding quality. Each and every item is hand-dyed, treated and quality controlled in Los Angeles, using only the finest materials.

Also, I got this entire look (top, jeans, and birks) from St. Bernard Sports! A few years back I always thought of this store when I needed new snowboarding gear or a Patagonia fleece. However, it has quickly become my one-stop-shop for anything and everything. They carry high end fashion lines, sporting goods, LAFCO candles, and literally anything your heart could desire. Make sure you check out my instagram to see how you could win a $100 giftcard to their store!

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denim dress: all day everyday

The amount of times I’ve worn this denim dress in the past few weeks is borderline embarrassing. But, no shame. I love how this dress is perfect for running errands, Sunday brunch, or date night. Dress it up with wedges or go for the Cali cool look with slides. I’m obsessed!






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