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gift ideas for fashion girls

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OUTFIT DETAILS: TOP (c/o) | DENIM (similar) | SUNNIES (c/o) | BOOTIES (similar)

hi friends! we are so excited to kick-off gift guide season with a list of gift ideas for that fashion girl in your life. whether it is your friend or sister or anyone else, these gifts will make that stylish lady smile this holiday season. xx images by felicia lasala

this bomber jacket

this leather bag

this fedora hat

this beanie

these mules

this tee

this vest

this suede skirt

these sunnies

this choker necklace

this sleeveless turtleneck


10 tips for feeling good & healthy

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Lo and I are constantly talking about certain habits or things that we do in our daily lives to feel our best. From recipes, to yoga, to getting a good night sleep, there are certain things that we swear by in order to feel good & healthy and we are each sharing our top five things with you today. Find them below + get the details for these over-the-knee boots and the rest of the outfit at the bottom // xo

images by felicia lasala


  1. I used to be all about high-intensity works outs, and even though I crave one every once in a while, I recently created a new work out routine that feels best for my body: hiking, practicing yoga, and a weekly pilates session. I have noticed such lengthening in my muscles and a more relaxed body and mind. Stressful days seem to affect me less!
  1. Making a nutrient-packed smoothie in the morning seems to start the day on the right foot. I feel so nourished and energy-filled to take on the day ahead!
  1. Getting a massage every couple of weeks is so important and necessary for my body. I found this place down the street that is extremely affordable, so that helps to fit it into my lifestyle without spending a fortune!
  1. Bath-salt-filled bubble baths are essential for me, especially when the weather cools down. Also, doing consistent face and hair masks bring me life, so I usually incorporate the two at the same time. All of these spa-at-home activities help me relax and wind down from the day.
  1. Good quality time with my man is something I can’t live without. We try to change it up between last minute getaway trips, movie nights at home, sweet and intentional conversations around the table, evening strolls, or a spontaneous date night.


  1. Staying hydrated is key. I have a glass life factory bottle that I carry around everywhere with me and am constantly refilling it.

2. I have seriously not been sick since September 2015 and I truly believe it’s because how much I sweat. I do hot yoga about 3 times a week and do about 30 minutes in an infrared sauna once a week. Ridding the body of toxins and heating up your core is a good way to keep the common cold and viruses going around at-bay.

3. I typically always have a mug of Rishi turmeric ginger tea before bed + am in bed reading and unwinding around 9:15pm every night during the week. I usually sleep 7-8 hours- straight through. I am a major morning person so I am up at 5:30/6 ready to roll.

4. Eating a ton veggies is a must! I get a veggie fix with almost every meal, starting with a romaine, carrot, cucumber ginger smoothie in the morning. That is not my breakfast however, just my post-workout drink! It’s a great way to get veggies in first thing.

5. Worrying is a no no. Worry = stress, which does not make for a happy soul. I used to be a worry-er but spent many months praying about it and reading biblical verses/ listening to sermons about worry and fear. I have made a ton of progress and can truly say that I rarely feel worried now because of my increased faith. Faith and fear cannot coexist! I do believe that less worry makes for a healthier life + a happier soul.

the outfit: boots (c/o) // denim (c/o) // sweater (c/o) // sunnies

shop  + similar options: 



a sale we love

a sale we love | lolo mag

you guys- a shopbop sale is happening and it’s so good

get the details here + below are our favorite things XO


Everlane gives back

Everlane's Black Friday Fund | lolo magazine

Happy Friday, you guys. We hope that you had a sweet Thanksgiving day yesterday, enjoying it with loved ones over good conversation and yummy comfort food.

As we all know, today is black friday and there are many amazing deals to be had. It’s no secret that today and Cyber Monday are both great times to get going on that Christmas gifting list.

We were so excited to hear that Everlane is using today as a way to give back to the people in their factory in Vietnam. A few years ago Everlane started their ‘Black Friday Fund’ where they use the profits made that day and put them toward helping the workers at one of their factories in some way.

This year, they plan to give helmets to 8,000 workers in the factory that they use in Vietnam. Having a safe helmet is unfortunately not common in Vietnam, even though traveling by moped is extremely common. 35 million people travel by moped every day in Vietnam, but less than 20% do so with a safe helmet. This is clearly a very alarming statistic, so Everlane is doing something about it.

Shop at Everlane today and help them reach their goal and give 8,000 workers in the Vietnam factory a safe helmet. How amazing is that? Just by shopping on their site today you can be part of their incredible mission.

Below are our favorites and thank you, Everlane, for being so incredible.

This gorgeous sweater

These classy black pants

This cool bomber

These leather shoes

A chic sleeveless turtleneck

A stylish ribbed dress

This timeless coat


image via Everlane

thankful for the love

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This Thanksgiving we are feeling extra thankful for love- the unending love from the Lord, love for one another, love for life’s sweetest moments, and love for everyday moments as well.  We will definitely be counting our blessings all day long and we hope you will join us.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” Psalm 107:1

the outfit:

 cape jacket // from anthropologie

 sunnies // (c/o)

denim // love levi’s

 top // actually a bodysuit

belt // western inspired

 shoes // under $100

images by felicia lasala

morning routine + favorite bomber


bomber + skirt | lolo magazinebomber + skirt | lolo magazine2016_10_28_lolomag5-673-edit

the outfit: bomber (c/o) | skirt (c/o) | tank | sunnies (c/o)

shoes c/o (here, too) | necklace c/o (here, too)

Hey guys! Lo and I both love our mornings, but spend them pretty differently. I live by myself in a one-bedroom apartment in Annapolis, MD and Lo obviously lives in LA with her husband, Jason! Below we are sharing a few details on a typical weekday morning for each of us.


I really love mornings because I usually get up a little bit before Jase, so I have that peaceful alone time to go in my favorite chair in my office and read and maybe start a few emails if the time allows! Then I go into the kitchen to make a lemon water and our morning smoothies! By this time, Jase is usually awake, so we chat and snuggle and get ready for the day together!


Mornings are my favorite. During the week I wake up at 5:30am. I have coffee first thing and make my bed. Two days a week I go to yoga at 6:15 and on the three days that I don’t, I go down to my apartment gym around 7 for 20-30 minutes. On gym days, I blog from 6-7am. I have to leave for work at 8:30, so I use the remaining time to shower, get ready, and make lunch and breakfast. It sounds like a lot, but somehow it all gets done and I feel super productive by the time I leave for work!

how do you spend your mornings? let us know in the comments below.

*images by felicia lasala