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It was a memorable and adventurous few years at LOLO Mag. I am so excited to invite you to our whole new website, LSK. xoxo

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Ten Online Reads 1.13.2017

Happy Friday, friends! Below are ten online reads that we have enjoyed recently, and think that you will too. We hope that you have time to enjoy these articles this weekend, over a cup of coffee or tea + a delicious, healthy breakfast. xo

Ten Online Reads | Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

*not really a read, but we are loving this beautiful tumblr account

*sixteen ways Geri Hirsch simplified her life in 2016

*the travel section of Annie Bing’s blog

*seven American castles that are so dreamy

*pretty planners for 2017

*declutter inspiration for 2017

*coming to peace with your body’s ideal, natural weight

*a cool satin bomber look from Lo’s bestie!

*simplicity inspo for the new year

*a gorgeous winter barn party

xo melissa

Tea Time

Tea time is the best time! Part of my evening ritual (during the week) is drinking a cup of tea before bed. It’s the perfect way to unwind and makes for an enjoyable transition between awake and sleep. I just started drinking sakara sleep tea and love it, but I also love rishi turmeric ginger tea. Below are links to teas, mugs, and teapots that I am loving. [image via anthropologie

tea time | lolo magazine | image via anthropologie

*teapot from anthropologie

*mug from anthropologie

*mug from created co

*tea kettle from sur la table

*rishi turmeric ginger chai concentrate 

*tea travel mug

*sakara detox tea

Winter Recipes To Try

I love cooking home-cooked meals all times of the year, but especially in the winter months. There is something so comforting and cozy being inside when it’s dark and cold outside! Below is my current list of recipes to try and I would love to hear any recommendations that you have in the comment section. xx meliss

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*basil cashew chicken via half baked harvest

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*creamy roasted red pepper and cauliflower soup via closet cooking

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*garlic butter mushroom risotto via pinch of yum

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*chicken tikka masala via savory tooth

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*leek frittata via coveteur

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*garlic butter white wine pasta via savory nothings

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*beet risotto via well plated

winter recipes to try | lolo magazine

*asparagus and smoked salmon pizzas via from the kitchen

save more, spend less








*all images by felicia lasala*

THE OUTFIT : sweatshirt (c/o) | denim (c/o) | sunnies | sneaks

Following up on our thoughts for the new year post from Tuesday, I want to chat a little bit more about saving more and spending less. Anyone else making this a priority in 2017? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Saving money is a hard thing, as needs and wants are real. However, this year I am making it my heart’s mission to resist most wants and stay strictly to the need list when making purchases. Working in the fashion industry is a major blessing and I am so thankful for what I do, but it does make the desire for new sartorial items quite strong. This year, I want to be more aware and conscious of the desire to shop, and have the control to reel it in when necessary. Something that I *try* to always keep in mind is this: appreciate more, accumulate less. I plan to write this down and repeat it on the regular, when something new catches my eye that I don’t actually need / xx meliss


practicing patience








*images: felicia lasala*

THE OUTFIT: trench (c/o) | sweater (c/o) | denim (c/o) | booties | sunnies

Yesterday we shared a post on thoughts for the new year and one of those things was practicing patience. Something I have been praying for a lot lately is patience. Having patience, showing and feeling patience, and giving patience has always been a struggle for me. However, I completely realize the importance of it and lately I have been craving it hard, and seeking it wholeheartedly. Most of all, I want to be patient in faith, as I wait on God’s timing. His timing is by far the best, but my head sometimes does not always get this memo. My heart does though, because His timing is what my soul needs and wants. Sometimes I loose sight of the big picture, and get so caught up in my “plan” and what and when I think things need to happen. Instead, I want to be much more intentional in putting my “plans” on the backburner, and wait patiently for Him and His plan. It’s laughable how much better His plan is for me, compared to mine! I am making 2017 the year of patience and I hope you will join me, if patience is something that you want more of as well / xx meliss