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SoCo Charm: Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

South Congress in Austin, TX is one of our favorite spots for weekend outings. Not only does the area have stellar shopping and a bohemian charm but the restaurants are something to write home about. If you haven’t eaten at Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, it’s time you try it out. The restaurant has a Cape Cod vibe with seating indoors or out; you are guaranteed to love the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. The menu consists of seafood dishes you will be thinking about for days. Don’t forget to order oysters; they offer a large selection which changes with the seasons. Delicious.

Located on South Congress in Austin, TX

Macaron Heaven: Paris Brings Laduree to NYC

For quite some time, I have been receiving pictures of the macaron towers in the Maison Laduree from friends visiting Paris. They always raved about the exqusite quality of the macarons, so I leapt at the opportunity to purchase some in their brand new store on Madison Avenue. The line included many tourists who were already connoisseurs of Laduree. The person standing behind me was surprised that this is the only store in the United States and that a sit down salon is not available. It’s disappointing that Fauchon has closed down its New York location on Park Avenue which had a traditional tea and refreshments salon, but perhaps Laduree can add that in the near future.

Be warned that the line can be about one hour long. The employees were kind enough to take a gleaming silver tray of broken macarons to the people standing in line outside of the store. I heard people proclaim that it was the wonderful taste of this free macaron piece that compelled them to stay in line longer. The salon is beautifully decorated in Louis XIV style with green walls and a counter displaying their delicacies. Classic portraits also adorn the walls.

Customers are provided a menu listing the following 13 flavors: *Framboise (raspberry), Cafe, Noix de coco, *Pomme verte (green apple), *Fraise mentholee (strawberry and mint), Chocolat, Vanille, Citron (lemon), *Cassis violette (blackcurrant and violet), *Caramel a la fleur de sel (caramel with sea salt), *Petale de rose (rose petal), Fleur d’orange, and *Pistache (pistachio). I placed a star in front of my preferred flavors. Strawberry mint is an unlisted additional flavor. The patrons behind me bought an entire box of composed solely of caramel macarons. My macarons were packed in two Napoleon black boxes of 6 each. Each box costs $20 with the macarons. Two other macarons were packed in a separate bag. There is a large variety of other boxes in different shapes and colors to choose from, including the more traditional green boxes.

While Laduree may be best known for macarons, they also sell niniches which are thin cylindrical pieces of sugar candy with natural flavors such as licorice, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and mango. My online research shows that the credit for invention of niniches goes to Raymond Auberon in 1946 at Quiberon in Bretagne who founded the confisserie La Maison d’Armorine. Apparently, the original version is configured as a lollipop.

Chocolate bars were also available at the counter, but I didn’t try them yet. I purchased the degustation set of three Laduree loose leaf teas. They were Earl Grey, Melange Laduree, and a smoky flavor called Lapsung Souchong. This actually refers to Lapsang souchong tea from Fujian province. I read that these leaves are traditionally smoke
dried which imparts a particular scent and flavor. I recommend trying the sampler pack to know if this is your cup of tea so to speak. A selection of miel (honey), confitures (compotes), and delices (jellies) is available and recommended. I chose the Delice au The Earl Grey, which is a tea flavor jelly with the perfect amount of

They also sell votive candles in a variety of scents which are quite expensive, in the range of up 50 to 70 dollars a piece. The candles have the white Laduree logo in front. The licorice one was the most interesting.

I’m looking forward to my next visit to Laduree!

Laduree, 864 Madison Avenue (at 71st St.), New York, NY 10021. (646) 558-3157


Restaurant Review: Charlie’s in Malibu

The other day, some friends and I were driving around Malibu, trying to figure out where to eat a nice dinner. Thankfully, we ventured into Charlie’s! Owned by Charlie DiLorenzo, this chic restaurant and lounge is decorated to a T. A glass blown chandelier, with-it photography, neutral tones, and (drum roll, please) leopard Dolce and Gabbana dining chairs. Yes, you read that correctly. You will be enjoying your meal in D&G chairs, but no, you cannot take them home with you.

The mood is set with dim lighting, and the night we were there, live music was delivered by a girl with true talent. I am assuming at this point in the article you are probably wondering about the food. WELL, let me assure you, the grub at Charlie’s is amazing from fresh salads, such as the watermelon salad, (watermelon, feta, cucumber, arugula, and balsamic), to their delicious fish dishes, (the salmon was ta-da). Oh, and their steaks, burgers, and pasta…everything that was ordered at our table was so scrumptious. They also have one hundred and fifty wine labels, and a menu of original cocktails. Charlie herself came by the table, and she was truly a gem! She was so pleasant, and sincerely made us feel like guests in her home. When you leave, you will be offered bubblegum from a wooden box. Um, too cute! Dining at Charlie’s is definitely a wonderful experience, and I plan on going back many more times. So please, take my word for it! Eat at Charlie’s in Malibu! It is to die for.

2 Fun, Easy Reads that Have Changed My View of Eating and Beauty!

Information overload is a common theme for our everyday intake, so how do we know what to trust and what to trash? I have been on a major search for a book that would explain the art of eating well, with raw information about how our body processes foods, that would teach me how to maximize nutrient absorption and produce natural energy. I have researched so many approaches, but nothing seemed to actually guide me, and better yet, work.

I have to share with you these two literary gems that I just can’t get enough of, and they are actually (and radically) changing the way my stomach feels! In fact, they have been my current partners in crime on trips to my local Whole Foods.

Gem #1: The Inside Tract by Gerard E. Mullin, MD, and Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RD, LDN.

Why I recommend it: This personalizes your digestive healing. It requires a short test at the beginning of the book and leads you through a detailed track to your stomach’s restoration. Confession: I am addicted to the breakfast smoothie.

Gem #2: The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder

Why I recommend it: I trust the beauty experts that have been through the battle. Kim used to struggle with breakouts, stubborn belly fat, and coarse hair until she traveled the world and discovered ancient beauty secrets. She resolved that food is the ultimate beauty product, and I couldn’t agree more. Plus, it is just super fun to read, and she administers different levels of diet changes, providing great new recipes along the way!

Cooking Contrast: Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an extremely healthy oil as it is loaded with much-needed fatty acids and essential vitamins, but how can we use it in order to properly take advantage of its rich benefits?

*This oil is not the best for cooking as high heats make it susceptible to oxidative damage.

Instead, use it in homemade salad dressing, or drizzle it last-minute on top of your cooked food for the fullest flavor. Go here for two easy and delicious recipes.

Coconut Oil is esteemed as the only oil that is stable enough to withstand the high heats of cooking. So, do yourself favor, and toss out all of those “wishful heathly oils,” and replace them with a big-ole’ jar of organic, thyroid-stabilizing, antioxidant-rich coconut oil.


-Anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial

-Boosts energy levels and endurnace

-Improves the digestive system and absorption of fat soluble vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

-Contains high levels of anti-oxidants which protect the body from free radicals and premature aging

-It contains 50% lauric acid, which helps prevent high blood pressure and heart-related problems


5 Recipes from a Fascinating Foodie

I am way beyond thrilled to announce Heather Crosby, the genius behind YumUniverse as an official LOLO food expert! She will be sharing her super-delicious plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes with us, and I must say these concoctions are not only in the likes of those uber-health-conscious raw-spinach-eating foodies. This recipe wonderland is a place test run by manly-man husbands and kiddos too, with a 99.9% guaranteed lovable response…almost always do they sheepishly ask (as if ashamed they delight in something so healthy) if we can save that meal in our master recipe box.

So take a stop by this universe of yumminess, where health is a priority and taste is never compromised. Not to mention, this place is a fantastic resource for nutritional information. So take a visit, subscribe for fun email updates, or even try the YU test drive if you are looking for a premium detox to get your health back on track.

Check out the five most popular recipes from this clean eating wonderland.

[galleryview id=13]

Creamy Millet and Kale Salad
Black Quinoa & Sweet Potato Kale Cakes
Gluten-Free Dairy Free Mixed Veggie Lasagna
Easy, Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream
“Cinnamon Toast” Quinoa, Amaranth Power Cereal