Erin Barr: Think Marilyn Monroe

Erin Barr’s inspiration for her Spring 2013 presentation focused, not so much on a dream, but a dream team. To be more specific, it focused on a fictitious meeting between on-screen goddess Marlin Monroe and world-renowned artist Frank Stella.

With a 50s inspired Mad Men-like aesthetic, this collection was a vintage collectors playground. The pieces, like Monroe’s epic style, were designed to give women a more womanly silhouette.

Erin Barr’s collection popped with cut-out crimson maxis, edgy leather blouses, and sheer detailed dresses. Erin Barr even designed a chic grayscale gown made of jersey T-shirt fabric! How cool is that?

Erin Barr’s Collection, with its wearable charm, retro vibes and all around Monroe-like aesthetic, was the perfect end to my day of shows.


Pencil skirts, art deco design, trench coats, sheer detailing and bright pants.


Crimsons, bold whites, deep blacks, and heather grays.

Who Should Wear-

From the full cast of Madmen ladies to the typical women on the street,  there is a little something for every lady in this wide-ranging collection.


Images by (Source: Brynn Elliott Watkins/Brynn Watkins Photography)

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